Investors find it difficult to find a way out

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KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Since Wednesday (12/8/2020), PT Hanson International Tbk (MYRX) has been declared bankrupt by the Commercial Court at the Central Jakarta District Court.

Not only that, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has also suspended MYRX shares in the last six months, and the suspension period will reach two years on January 16, 2022.

Responding to Hanson International’s bankruptcy condition, Director of Avere Investama Teguh Hidayat explained that in the current conditions, it is difficult for investors to find a way out except for regulations regarding disgorgement can already be applied.

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Disgorgement is a form of OJK’s effort to give orders to parties who violate the laws and regulations in the capital market to return money in the amount of profits or losses that were avoided illegally or against the law.

The regulation is currently in the finalization stage and is targeted to be completed this year. “Such rules must be implemented immediately so that you cannot escape, you must pay the obligations,” Teguh explained, Sunday (30/8).

Teguh interpreted that the total funds raised by Hanson International, both through stock investors and loan customers, that had been discredited by the OJK earlier this year, reached Rp. 20 trillion.

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Meanwhile, based on financial report data in the third quarter of 2020, Hanson International’s asset value was recorded at Rp 12.9 trillion. Consisting of current assets of IDR 1.19 trillion and non-current assets of IDR 11.71 trillion.

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