Investors pump $13.3 billion into bonds in a week

Bank of America announced that investment funds in fixed income instruments received the largest inflows in seven weeks, while investors accumulated their holdings of investment grade debt and U.S. treasuries in the past week.

According to Bank of America, based on EPFR data, bond funds received $13.3 billion, and investment-grade bond funds received inflows of $8.8 billion in the week to Wednesday, the largest inflow of bonds to it in five. weeks.

Stocks witnessed inflows of 12.6 billion dollars, while US stocks benefited from entering inflows for the third consecutive week at 6.2 billion dollars.

Investors poured money into stocks during a period of volatile markets due to speculation about when the US Federal Reserve would start reducing stimulus and concerns about economic growth in light of the rapid spread of the delta strain of the Corona virus.

Precious metals funds recorded the largest outflow of $1.4 billion since March.

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