Involved in’traffic death accident’ Park Shin-young side “apologizes to the bereaved…

Park Shin-young announcer. yunhap news

Announcer Park Shin-young (31), who was involved in a traffic accident, apologized to the victim’s survivors.

Announcer Park’s agency, IOK, made an official position on the 10th and said, “Please refrain from the victims in relation to the death and wish the deceased people’s condolences, and convey deep condolences to the bereaved families.”

Next, he explained about the traffic death accident, “In the morning of the 10th, Park Shin-young was driving his vehicle and crashed without finding a motorcycle entering from a crossroad.”

According to IOK, the victim received relief measures at the scene immediately after the accident, but died, and Park Shin-young was investigated by the police according to the procedure. Since then, he has been taken home, but the mental and physical shock is great.

IOK said, “Please understand that the police investigation on this issue has not yet come out clearly and details cannot be disclosed.”

Lastly, IOK said, “I borrow this place again and bow my head to the victims’ family members with a deep apology. I can’t even dare to guess how much the heartache of the bereaved family members who lost their loved ones will be, but I express my heartfelt condolences. . Please refrain from saying, “I wish the deceased people’s blessings.”

According to the Seoul Mapo Police Station, around 10:28 am on that day, at an intersection in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) driven by announcer Park Shin-young and a motorcycle collided with each other by violating the signal.

The accident killed a man in his 50s, a motorcyclist.

The police charged announcer Park, an SUV driver, on charges of lethality under the Special Act on Handling of Traffic Accidents. It was found that announcer Park was not in a drinking state.