IOC spoke to Peng Shuai: “Says she is safe”, WTA not satisfied | Tennis

Peng Shuai has said in a video call that she is safe but asks that her privacy be respected.

The IOC said it had a half-hour conversation. “She is doing well in her home in Beijing. She now prefers to spend her time with her friends and family.”

With that message from the IOC, which has therefore been in contact with the Chinese tennis star, there should be more clarity about her fate. Even if it is doubtful whether Peng dared to speak freely. During the conversation, a high-ranking member of the Chinese Olympic Committee also called.

After she made allegations of sexual abuse against a prominent Chinese politician, Peng Shuai has been ominously quiet.

The Chinese state media today shared images of the player in question at a Chinese tournament, but the reliability of those images has been questioned.

The women’s tennis association WTA, among others, denounced Peng’s situation. The WTA is concerned about the former number 1 in doubles.

And those concerns remain: “It was good to see Peng Shuai in recent videos, but they do not address our concerns about her well-being and her chances of communicating without censorship and coercion,” the WTA said.

“The IOC video also does not change our appeal: we want a full, fair and transparent investigation – without censorship – into her allegation of sexual abuse. That case is at the root of our initial concern.”