iOS 15.5 is available with some improvements

This update was expected. Minor, it is above all centered on the correction of some malfunctions.

At the beginning of June, Apple will open its WWDC 2022 for developers. This is usually the opportunity for the group to present the new version of its operating systems. iOS 16 should therefore be on the agenda so that IT professionals can prepare their applications before its official launch in the fall.

Even though we are now two weeks away from this major event, the Cupertino company has decided to release an intermediate update, iOS 15.5. Presentation of what it brings to the user.


According to the description made by Apple for this iOS update, this application is at the heart of the developments. Storage management has been optimized and the user can now choose to limit the number of episodes stored automatically, as well as opt for deleting the oldest ones. A way not to overload the storage unnecessarily.

Universal command

Introduced last March, it was still in beta testing. It is now launched in a stable and final version, the main malfunctions having been corrected. For the record, this feature allows a single mouse and keyboard to be used for multiple Apple devices.

Connected objects

Through iOS 15.5, Apple is fixing connection issues between the HomePod speaker and the iPhone. It also adds the display of the signal strength between the two devices so that the user can ensure that the two terminals are properly paired.

In addition, the American firm is fixing bugs on smart home objects. This patch specifically addresses the automation of people leaving and arriving via iPhone location.

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Finally, on this component, it adds an audible notification (including in Do Not Disturb mode) in the event of an alert by sensitive connected objects such as smoke detectors, in order to be warned in the event of danger.

Authorized external payment solutions

This was a point especially awaited by the publishers. While regulators consider the obligation imposed by Apple to go through its own payment solution to be anti-competitive, the group has come up with an alternative. With iOS 15.5, digital content such as ebooks, audio books, newspapers and subscriptions to audio and video streaming platforms such as Netflix or Spotify can be paid for outside the App Store.

Apple Classical

MacRumors has also spotted references to the future Apple Classical streaming application in the OS code. It could therefore arrive earlier than expected.

Watch out for bills

The App Store is also evolving. According to 9To5Mac, Apple would also have modified the conditions of use of its application market and would allow developers to be able to increase the price of subscriptions without explicitly asking for the subscriber’s agreement. Only a notification will be required and without a request for termination, they will be able to consider the price increase as recorded. Apple nevertheless regulates this practice with a limit of this increase to 5 dollars per month or 50 dollars per year.