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Good Morning all! Apple has apparently ruined the geo functions with iOS 15. In response to our corresponding call, numerous users who are dissatisfied with the current

Apple has supported location-dependent functions in iOS for years; these enable a door lock to open when you approach your home lock. Only, it has not worked for a while, obviously since the release of iOS 15. Even the various updates to iOS 15 have not been able to fix this bug and our readers also find numerous people affected, more on this here.

How Microsoft and Qualcomm alienate Mac users

With the M1 and now the M1 Pro / M1 Max, Apple has a chip that would also support Windows in its ARM version, but there is no corresponding official version of Windows. The reason for this is apparently a stupid deal between Qualcomm and Microsoft, more on that here. However, that might soon be over.

Apple warns Pegasus victims

Just yesterday we reported that Apple is filing a lawsuit against the NSO Group, the Israeli developer of Pegasus spyware. Pegasus can access cameras, microphones and GPS from smartphones, and even iPhones were not entirely secure before that. It has now also been announced that Apple would also like to inform victims of Pegasus attacks if they have been caught – if possible, here are the details.

In short

What else was important

Apple will probably use its own iPhone modem from 2023, which will break away from Qualcomm, where there is only limited enthusiasm for it. TSMC is supposed to manufacture the modem for Apple, here are the details.

Netflix and Spotify join forces against Apple.

Apple TV + is not far behind on the global streaming market, if you look at the market shares. To make matters worse, the market leaders in audio and video streaming Spotify and Netflix have now teamed up and created a joint collection of particularly popular songs and podcasts on the most popular Netflix series, more on that here.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is also suitable for hiking.

How long does the battery of the Apple Watch Series 7 actually last if you really want to hike extensively? A developer has now investigated this question and his results are summarized for you here.

Shazam improves music recognition.

By listening for longer to the app owned by Apple, the recognition performance should be improved, here are the details.

And in Turkey, Apple has temporarily stopped selling products in the Apple Online Store, the reason for this being the national currency crisis.

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