iOS 16, performance and battery drain problems reported

It’s been around 9 days since Apple released iOS 16 to the public, making major changes to the lock screen, messages, maps, and more.

In the days following the release, some users have encountered several problems on their iPhones, ranging from slow system performance al excessive battery drain.

In the past few days, iPhone 14 Pro users have been sharing some specific bugs related to Apple’s latest high-end iPhones, including camera issues, iMessage / FaceTime activation issues, and more. There are other issues, however, that affect a larger group of ‌iOS 16‌ users, including the Battery Drain and i slowdowns in Spotlight search or Camera.

Drastic drop in battery life

After a major iOS update, it is common for the iPhone to download faster as it has to perform billions of indexing tasks in the background.

There is an article that we bring back to users every year that explains in detail everything that is done by the iPhone after an update or even worse after importing a backup.

Higher-than-normal battery consumption must already be budgeted during the first week, but may last longer under certain circumstances. For example, if you import a backup of many GB inside a virgin phone or if you update an iPhone via OTA bringing with you hundreds of GB of data, the situation will always be different compared to those who update to iOS 16 without carrying any data and the times for stabilization will be longer based on the amount of data.

However, since 9 days have passed, users begin to complain quite harshly, especially on Twitter.

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Other users instead (much less) report a improved battery life compared to iOS 15and this group will certainly include users who have not brought with them all the previous data.

Apple recently acknowledged that enabling the feedback aptico (vibration) for the keyboard in iOS 16 affects battery life quite heavily, so users who notice battery drain issues on their device should check that they have the new feature disabled from Settings> Haptic Sounds & Feedback> Keyboard.

Spotlight Search

In addition to battery drain problems, users are experiencing slowdowns in Spotlight search. In particular, users report that Spotlight sometimes takes up to 10 seconds to show search results or even shows nothing.

I have the same problem. Before iOS 15.6 the search was instant, but when I updated to iOS 15.6 it became very slow, taking more than 5 seconds for something to appear. I was hoping iOS 16 would fix the problem, but it’s just as slow. I even reset the phone, but that hasn’t changed. So Apple, fix this in the next update. It’s super annoying and I don’t want to lose all network settings for this reason.

I use search on my phone to quickly call up apps that I have hidden or are on other screens. When I open and type to search, it sometimes takes more than 10 seconds for apps to start appearing in search. Is anyone else noticing this huge slowdown?

For this specific bug, multiple users have claimed that resetting all settings significantly improved Spotlight search performancebut Apple hasn’t provided an official fix and / or bug fix.

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New update for iOS 16 coming next week

Apple has confirmed that it is aware of some of the problems users are experiencing, including the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera shake, and has promised an iOS 16 update next week.

The update, most likely iOS 16.0.2, will include a fix for camera issues, copy / paste bug and iMessage and ‌FaceTime‌ activation. The update could also fix other problems encountered by users, such as battery drain and Spotlight search.