Iota leaves 38 dead in Central American countries before dissipating over El Salvador | International

The country hardest hit by the cyclone was Nicaragua, where according to the government 16 people died and more than 160,000 were evacuated.

Iota was dissipating over The Savior on Wednesday, after leaving 38 dead, flooded towns and damage to road infrastructure in its path as a hurricane and then a tropical storm in Central America, already devastated by the cyclone Andtwo weeks ago.

The authorities ofNicaragua They counted towards the evening of this Wednesday the death of 16 people, among them seven deaths due to the collapse in a massif in the northern department of Matagalpa and floods in the north and southeast of the country.

Honduras, for its part, closed the day with 14 people who died buried in the west of the country, in four different events, due to the torrential rains left by storm Iota.

Eight of the victims were members of two families who died in the villages of Río Negro (three) and Masincales (five), in the department of Lempira, while another five people from the same family died in La Fraternidad, department of Ocotepeque. In San Miguelito, Intibucá, the victim was a 77-year-old woman, identified as María Juana Reyes.

Iota had affected 357,339 people in Honduras so far, where 31 collapses are also reported on highway axes, said Gonzalo Funes, Chief of Operations of the Permanent Contingency Commission (Copeco).

In addition, some 10,000 people have been evacuated and 61,228 are in official shelters, after the phenomenon destroyed two houses, affected 39 and flooded 7,078.

With this, the death toll from the cyclone rose to 38,left two deceased in the Colombian archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina; one in Panama and one in El Salvador.

InColombia, where Iota hit as a hurricane on Sunday 15, authorities are trying to restore essential services on the islands mired in destruction, where thousands of its 65,000 inhabitants were left homeless.

Since making landfall at Category 4 on Monday in Haulover, in Nicaragua’s northern Caribbean, Iota has flooded homes and vast areas of crops, felled trees, left dozens of villages cut off and damaged roads.

After degrading to a tropical storm, its “associated moisture remnants” are located 35 km west-northwest of San Salvador, where some 880 people were evacuated to 240 shelters.

This Wednesday the rains persisted in the northern region of Nicaragua, where its main city, Bilwi, began to assess the damage caused by Iota. Murillo added that the number of evacuees reached more than 160,000 people, of which some 51,000 are still in shelters.



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