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Iowa Interim Election: 2018 could become year in which Steve King is elected

Democrats have for years predominantly put candidates against reigning American Republican Iowa, Steve King, whose anti-immigrant sentiment and white nationalist associations were dismissed by voters in his district as "only Steve King." King. "But his free passport may have been stamped ,

Well, there is evidence that a growing number of voters are seeing "only Steve King" as a "big fix Steve King".

The eight-member Congressman faces his toughest reelection challenge. His adversary, retired baseball player JD Scholten, is in an unexpected reach when he's given a big hassle and given the Democrats a place they had not expected in their fight to take control of the US House of Representatives recover.

Even members of King's own party turned against him on Tuesday, a remarkable development given the stakes in the midterm elections, which were now less than a week away.

And Scholten, a paralegal who specialized in immigration issues before returning to Iowa in 2016 to run his family's farm, is a surprising candidate for the 4th district.

Of the other three congressional districts of Iowa, one is firmly democratic, and in the other two the races are competitive. This means that the tiny state best known for its overwhelming influence in presidential candidate testing in its first-in-the-nation caucus could be a great opportunity in the meantime.

Scholten is still a dark horse in the race in the reliable Republican district whose values ​​are in line with those of King, one of the most conservative members of Congress. However, several recent developments have fueled speculation that Scholten could win and end Kings' long win streak.

Irene Lin, Scholten's campaign manager, told Patch that the chances of a surprise were not just wishful thinking in the mostly rural neighborhood with two large population centers, Sioux City and Ames. In the past, voters may have overlooked King's shaky remarks on immigrants and multiculturalism, on LGBTQ rights, on positive action and on other issues because they are interested in lower taxes, lesser government and strong defense. But Lin says this may be the year when voters say they have had enough.

"As J. D. says, it's like they talked about a strange uncle, but we've seen his misguided priorities actually hurt that district," Lin said.

Several recent developments fuel the optimism of the Scholten campaign.

Change Research, which conducts polls for progressive candidates, said Scholten had pulled within 1 point from King, enough for the impartial Cook policy report on Tuesday to change its rating in the Fourth District of Iowa from "probably Republican" to "Republican leaning" could. A survey from early September at Emerson College gave King a 10-point lead.

GOP campaign arm condemns king

But this poll, which had a 6.5-point error rate, was at the center of anti-Semitism in America long before the mass murder in Pittsburgh on Saturday. Following the shootout – and a Pipe Bomb plan targeting a dozen prominent Democrats – critics have called on President Trump and Republicans like King to mitigate aggressive rhetoric by saying they could make unbalanced people come into contact with violence to kick.

Republican leaders in the past have looked the other way when King advocated right-wing white nationalist views, but their tolerance for the Iowa congressman seems to be abating.

Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, chair of the Republican National Congressional Committee working to elect members of the GOP into the US House King denounced on Twitter Tuesday, his "last comments, actions and retweets are completely inappropriate."

"We have to face white superiority and hatred in all its forms, and I strongly condemn that behavior," said Stivers.

Stivers and the RNCC did not immediately respond to Patch's comment requests. King also not, whose campaign patch on a Explanation on Twitter,

"Americans, all created by God, with all our races, ethnicities and national roots – legal immigrants and born citizens – together make up Shining City on the Hill," King said in the statement. "These attacks are staged by evil, desperate and dishonest false news, and their ultimate goal is to turn the house over and prosecute Donald Trump. Establishment Never Trumpers are accomplices."

Unmatched King: "You know where I stand"

In the past, King disagreed with his views, claiming that voters in his part of Iowa were firmly behind him. And they have that for the most part. His biggest challenge in 2012 was to beat Democrats Christie Vilsack, the wife of former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, who was later named President Obama's agriculture minister. King won 53 percent of the vote in this race.

"I share the conviction with the super majority of this fourth congressional district, which is reflected in the election results until 2002," King said in the Des Moines Register. "You know that I have not changed, you know I always give them the clear, truthful answer, I'm not in doubt, some people do not like the clear, honest, unequivocal answer, but they always know where I stand. "

Here is a selection of what has led Stivers and congressional republicans to distance themselves from King:

King recently tweeted to a white nationalist candidate in Toronto, Canada, outlining his white nationalist outlook with a far-right publication in Austria after the Holocaust Memorial Group funded a five-day trip to Jewish and Holocaust-historical sites in Poland. In September, he shared a post of Holocaust denier and falsely argued, according to fact-checker Snopes.com, that Nazis were part of a leftist movement.

King has also shown a Confederate battle flag on his desk in Washington and challenged the historical contributions of "non-white subgroups." This year, he sparked widespread anger as he ridiculed Emma González, Parkland, Florida, a shootout survivor whose face has become synonymous with the #NearAgain student movement, in which the laws for the Common Sense Rifle be required. King has also falsely claimed that undocumented immigrants are responsible for the majority of the murders and other violent crimes in the United States, and encouraged the US government to spy on mosques to stop ISIS recruitment.

Donors flee royal campaign

These and other comments were cited by donors who have recently fled his campaign.

Minnesota-based O & # 39; Lakes, one of the country's best-known dairy brands, said its Political Action Committee will no longer support King after customers threaten a boycott of his butter, milk and cheese products.

"We take our civic responsibility seriously, we want our contributions to be a positive force for good, and we also want to make sure that the recipients of our contributions respect the values ​​of our company," said Land O & Lakes' PAC in a statement , "On this basis, we have determined that our PAC Rep. Steve King will no longer support."

Technology company Intel said in an e-mail to its employees in late October that it took future contributions to King's campaign.

"We've been working with Rep. King for his IP theft protection support, which is important to Intel's employees," said Dawn Jones, Intel's director of policy and external partnerships, in an internal e-mail retrieved from the Popular Information website has been. "However, an Intel employee raised concerns over the donations earlier in the month, we examined the congressman's public statements and found that they conflict with Intel's values, so we stop donating to his campaigns."

Surover Endorsement goes to Scholten

The conservative leaning Sioux City Journal broke with a long tradition and confirmed Scholten on the grounds that he was "ready to consider all aspects of complex issues such as illegal immigration and finding solutions to problems" and "We offer not only Democrats, but also Independent and Republicans. "

"We do not say anything about King, whom we have not said today," wrote the editor of the newspaper. "We have repeatedly criticized him for what we call disturbing or questionable comments, and expressed concern about the impact of these comments on our district." Every time King moves into controversy, he considers this district to be ridiculously marginalized within the legislature It is a body that it serves, none of which benefit the Iowans who live and work here. "

Photo courtesy of the Scholten Campaign

Lin, Scholten's campaign manager, said King has lost contact with the district's top priorities, the second most productive agricultural district in Congress, after a government report. He is a ranking member of the House's Agriculture Committee, but was overlooked for the conference committee, which will create a new farm bill.

"He's not fighting for Iowa," Lin said, pointing out that his harsh immigration policy was not in the interests of Iowa farmers.

"Grain silos, farmers and pork factories say we want and need migrant workers and that they contribute to the economy in Iowa," Lin said. "Storm Lake is one of the few areas in the district that is growing, and that's because of the large immigration population, and we've heard from companies that they're actively violating this neighborhood."

Farms dependent on immigrants include a dairy farm in Sibley, owned by the family of California Congressman Devin Nunes. He is a staunch Trump supporter supporting the immigration reform policy that amnesties undocumented immigrants. A recent Esquire story claims NuStar, the Nunes family business, employs undocumented workers.

King's campaign seems to be on autopilots. Scholten visited all 39 districts in the sprawling district, while King and his followers held a few town halls and intimate gatherings. He refused to debate. And Scholten has already defeated King in one point that matters – fundraising. Since the last quarter of 2017, the Democratic challenger has raised $ 1.38 million, compared to $ 515,000 raised by the incumbent.

The Change Research survey also found that King's approval was approved, with 38 percent finding the view positive, compared to 48 percent who considered it unfavorable.

"Obviously, it's creating tremendous momentum," Lin said of the survey.

Other congresses of Iowa

The best chances for Iowa voters to move a district from Republican to Democrat are in the 1st and 3rd districts. The 1st district was traditionally a stronghold of the Democrats, but the Republicans won it in the 2014 election campaign of the party. The dependable Democratic 2nd District is represented by Congressman Dave Loebsack, who easily defeats his challenger, Republican Christopher Peters.

In First Ward, reigning Republican Rod Blum was identified earlier this year by Roll Call as the most vulnerable US homeowner seeking re-election this year. Democratic challenger Abby Finkenauer is heavily favored, with a chance of winning 29 out of 30, according to the FiveThirtyEight politics blog.

In the 3rd district, Democrat Cindy Axne, a small businesswoman and former state official, calls for reigning Congressman David Young, who won his first term in the 2014 presidential election. FiveThirtyEight says Axne is captured in Ward 3, one of the battlefield races attacked by Democrats for controlling the house.

FiveThirtyEight also gives Loebsack the prize and has not changed his forecasts in the 4th district, which he still sticks to the Republican column.

Main Photo: Iowa, Republican Congressman Steve King by Scott Olson / Getty Images: File

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