IPad Test (2018): An Affordable Tablet That Does Everything


Leaving a new iPad very close to its predecessor, Apple probably did not expect to cause a “wow” effect. It was not the case. On the other hand, the brand is launching a truly accessible product, which has strong arguments to compete with, and even with more expensive iPads. As a bonus, it benefits from compatibility with the Apple Pencil , the stylus designed by Apple. The version we were able to test has a SIM card slot. It costs 489 euros in 32 GB version and 579 euros in 128 GB version.

                                                     – The Apple iPad (2018) The strengths of the iPad (2018)

Excellent value for money

In 2017, Apple had lowered the price of its tablet to 409 euros. The brand is still reviewing the downward addition. The iPad edition 2018 is available at 359 euros, with 32 GB of storage (449 euros in 128 GB version). Or the lowest price for an Apple tablet, putting aside the first iPad mini. The company, which had us used to stratospheric prices – up to 1329 euros for iPhone X , takes the party to democratize its technology, its design and its software know-how. It’s hard not to salute the effort.

A very fluid experience

For 359 euros, the user is entitled to a solid configuration. The processor (A10) is the same as the one of the iPhone 7 , released late 2016. A smartphone that is still marketed by Apple for 639 euros (in 32 GB version). In other words, Apple offers a power comparable to that of a product worth nearly 80% more expensive. In use, the user experience is extremely fluid, and perfectly supports the latest version of iOS. During our test week, we did not suffer any slowdown, browsing between apps or linking series on Netflix.

Relevant software functions

The eleventh version of iOS is probably the one that brings the most novelties dedicated to tablets. The iPad (2018) allows logically to enjoy. In September, Apple introduced a new Dock, which can be customized with the apps of your choice. It is accessible at any time by touching the screen from the bottom to the top. Thanks to this, the user can launch a second application in split screen, by depositing a Dock icon on the right side of the screen.

Apple has also reviewed the operation of its keyboard. Now, just touch a letter down to type the secondary character associated with it. The Californian succeeds his shot: this method quickly becomes a reflex. With these new features, the brand significantly improves the fluidity of its tablet. If you take the trouble to tame them, they make navigation much more intuitive.

A compatibility with the Apple Pencil

First reserved to the iPad Pro , the Apple Pencil is now compatible with this iPad “entry level”. As always at Apple, you have to go back to the box and get rid of 99 euros. Not really essential for the majority of users, the stylus of Apple is effective in taking notes and scribbling sketches. If the creative will opt for the iPad Pro, the association between the Apple Pencil and the iPad is a plus, which will appeal to students and amateur designers.

A jack

While Apple has decided to make disappear the headphone jack of his smartphones, the latter is preserved on his tablet. Even more than the iPhone, the iPad is a device dedicated to video. In this context, it is relevant to leave the choice to the user to opt for a wireless headset (more expensive) or for a more traditional wired headset. This also leaves the possibility of adding an accessory to double the jack, in case of trip duet.

                                                     – The Apple iPad (2018) The weaknesses of the iPad (2018)

A stylus a bit too free

Despite its qualities, the Apple Pencil remains an accessory sold separately. Unlike other tablets, the iPad does not fit directly to the stylus, which leads us to ask where we can … at the risk of misplacing. Often, you end up storing the accessory or leave it at home, which does not push to use it regularly.

A less efficient fingerprint sensor

To secure the tablet, Apple integrates its traditional fingerprint sensor. This is not the latest version of the component, which equips the latest iPhone. Once your finger is down, it takes a few tenths of a second for the iPad to unlock. More time than many smartphones, including those sold at very affordable rates. At less than 400 euros, Apple does not offer facial recognition function, reserved for iPhone X.

                                                     – The Apple iPad (2018)
A perfectible photo quality

On its shelves, the firm does not bring the same care to the photo part as on its smartphones. The use is right because the format of the iPad does not lend itself to spontaneous shooting. Those who still use their tablet to take snapshots should not expect a picture quality worthy of an iPhone under three years. In good light conditions, the result will be quite acceptable. For the night photo, it will be more complicated.

                                                     – Photo taken with the iPad (2018) Our verdict

If we rely on the data sheet of this new iPad, we note that it only ships components already used in the past, on other products. Recycling? Maybe, but it does not matter much. At 359 euros, Apple offers a tablet that offers everything the vast majority of users need: sufficient autonomy to hold ten hours, unstoppable fluidity, excellent screen and compatibility with the Apple Pencil. In our eyes, this iPad can not replace a computer, because of its operating system which remains a mobile OS. But this is currently the best tablet for the general public, and it’s not bad.


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