iPhone 12 will be Launched WITHOUT THE MOST EXPECTED News

iPhone 12 UNEXPECTED News

iPhone 12 will be released without the most anticipated news that Apple fans have been hoping for years, and years, days, the refresh rate of 120 Hz for the screen, the American company again leaving its customers to wait for the major changes they I see on the phones sold by the competition.

Battery life is why Apple has decided not to offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz for the screens of iPhone 12 series phones, so although in the iPad Pro there is this technology for years, and years, days, in Apple phones it it will not arrive soon.

The implementation of 5G in all models of iPhone 12 phones that Apple will launch does not seem to be something that allows the integration of a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, but only in Cupertino, because other manufacturers have been able to offer something like that for customers.

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