iPhone 13 Pro: third-party apps do not take full advantage of 120 Hz

Developers will have to roll up their sleeves to adapt their apps to ProMotion, the variable refresh rate of the new iPhone 13 Pro screen.

The iPhone 13 Pro is here, and with it comes the ProMotion. For the first time, an iPhone will therefore be able to display a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, while the previous models were blocked at 60 Hz. In fact, it’s even better, since the new iPhone 13 Pro benefits from a variable refresh rate, which can vary from 10 to 120 Hz, and therefore saving battery in some cases. This has also been the case with the iPad Pro since 2017, even if the frame rate of its screen does not drop below 24 Hz.

However, if the arrival of a high refresh rate offers a perfectly fluid display to the iPhone 13 Pro, the ProMotion is not yet fully integrated. The feature speeds up animations well in the interface and the scrolling, but custom animations are not taking advantage of this in third-party apps yet and are still limited to 60Hz.

These applications will soon be able to take advantage of all the features of ProMotion, but to do so, they will have to update their apps according to Apple’s conditions. As a result, the firm ensures that applications will not necessarily use 120 Hz everywhere and will not drain battery life more than measurement. Apple has already published documentation for developers on this subject. We learn in particular that the ProMotion screen of the iPhone 13 Pro is more efficient than that of the iPad Pro, with 12 possible refresh rates, against 5 on the tablet.

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