iPhone 14 Pro: the camera of the new Apple model victim of an annoying bug

Barely marketed and already having problems… Here’s a spotlight that the Apple brand would no doubt have done well. This weekend, several users of Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max complained on social networks about a malfunction of their brand new smartphone.

These owners have indeed reported a rather embarrassing behavior when taking a photo or shooting a video using applications like TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram, reports the site Les Numériques, Monday, September 19. When these try to access the camera, the image starts to shake and the device emits a mechanical noise coming from the lens. Impossible to take any photo or video. Luckily, this bug would only occur when the camera is used on third-party apps.


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“Overactivity of the optical stabilizer”

This malfunction could be due to a software incompatibility between certain applications and the optical stabilization mechanism of the camera, specifies the site. The jitter seems to be the “fruit of an overactivity of the optical stabilizer, normally supposed to eliminate tremors thanks to a motion blur compensation system”. An update of the iOS software or the applications concerned could solve the problem, he adds.

Moreover, it would not be the only problem encountered by the latest model from Apple. According to an internal memo obtained, echoed by MacRumors, the American company is aware of a bug that completely freezes the iPhone following the restoration of data from iCloud or another phone. . Thus, if the terminal does not respond to any request for more than five minutes, Apple advises to force a restart by pressing the volume up button, then the down one and the power button.


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