iPhone 6 is obsolete – Time to upgrade

Still using iPhone 6? Now it can be difficult to get it repaired if something goes wrong.

Apple has put the eight-year-old mobile phone on its list of old, or obsolete, products.

When are they too old?

According to the company, products are considered old when it is more than five and less than seven years since they stopped distributing them for sale.

The iPhone 6 was launched in autumn 2014 together with the iPhone 6 Plus. It was sold in 2015 as a cheaper alternative when the iPhone 6s hit the market, and was then discontinued in 2016 in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 7a, according to MacRumors.

The iPhone 6 Plus was put on the list of old products earlier this year.

Will require seven years

Apple’s support pages state that “customers may obtain service and parts from Apple service providers, including Apple Stores and independent repair providers, for at least five years from the last time Apple distributed the product for sale.”

– It may be possible to get service and parts after this, where the law requires it, or for a further seven years, subject to the availability of parts, the company writes.

Could be a security risk

In addition to not being able to repair such an old iPhone, using it can be a security risk.

Apple provides updates to an iPhone for at least five years after the original release date. The latest iOS 16 update is only supported on iPhone 8 and later. If you have an iPhone 7 or older, you cannot install the software on your mobile.

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Apple nevertheless provides security updates for devices older than this. As of today, this applies to devices running iOS 12, which includes the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the iPhone 5s. In that sense, it should not pose any security risk to continue using the 6.

Just last month, Apple issued an important update to these oldest iPhones due to a critical security hole.

At the same time, some Android users are still waiting for the latest Android 13 update, almost two months after it was launched by Google.