iPhone model popped up: Gold variant of the iPhone X confirms: Why Apple has never sold the model

iPhone model popped up: Gold variant of the iPhone X confirms: Why Apple has never sold the model

iPhone model popped up: Gold variant of the iPhone X confirms: Why Apple has never sold the model

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Apple has apparently worked on a golden version of the iPhone X in the past. Why this version was not released at least so far is unclear. Now images of the iPhone model have emerged.

Apple has worked in the past on a third color variant of the iPhone X. This emerges from documents of the American regulator FCC, at which smartphones must be presented before publication for examination. The attached photos show an iPhone X with a gold case. Apple presented in September but only two variants of the iPhone X: one in silver, one in gray. Even today, these are the only models which are sold , The photos in question were taken in July of last year – at this time, Apple apparently still assumed the iPhone X also in gold. Why it did not sell this variant is unclear. It is possible that there were unsolvable difficulties in the production. The variant could also have been too vulnerable to scratches and other damage, so that Apple decided against a publication.

Rumors have been around for some time The magazine “MacRumors” refers to rumors that made the round just before the official presentation: The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported back then that the color variant “Blush Gold” in the production problems and golden iPhones to start only in “extremely small numbers” are available. In retrospect, this prognosis has proved to be only partially correct: The golden iPhone X was indeed planned, but you could never buy it. The fact that the documents and photos were only now public, is due to a secrecy phase of six months, they were subject to.
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Apple has introduced the color variant gold for the first time with the iPhone 5s and has since kept it for all top models. Also the iPhone 8, which is parallel to the iPhone X was presented in gold. There are differences between the devices in the material: The iPhone 8 is in an aluminum frame, the iPhone X is stainless steel used.

Golden iPhone X could come in the fall Whether Apple is still planning to release a golden iPhone X is unclear. There would have been a good opportunity for that when Apple added a red version to the iPhone 8 models. However, it is also conceivable that Apple holds back the golden variant until the next generation iPhone, the expected to be presented in September , The article was first published by the colleagues of CHIP.de. In the video: Apple introduces new model – iPhone 8 is now available with a red case

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