iPhone Pro 13 Max: Apple’s smartphone is the new king of autonomy in all categories | Consonews

The largest of the new iPhones crushes the competition in its range in terms of versatile autonomy and video, to such an extent that it also dethrones the two most enduring smartphones ever tested by our laboratory in these two categories. A new king of the marathon is born.

Gone are the days when iPhone owners hid behind an embarrassed and contrite little smile because they had to charge their device to last the day. Since the iPhone 11, the situation has changed, Apple smartphones regularly occupy the first places in the ranking of their category.

The turn of the iPhone 11 generation

Thus, the iPhone 11 Pro Max had a versatile battery life at 19:18, eight hours and seven minutes more than the iPhone XS Max. Such a leap forward in a generation is not seen every day, although the battery size had nicely increased between these two generations of smartphones from 3,174 mAh to 3,969 mAh.

However, the battery alone is not responsible for this meteoric progression, as the versatile autonomy measured by our lab continued to grow with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which carried a slightly smaller battery at 3689 mAh.




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