iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5 appear in Eurasian database ahead of time

It is rumored that Apple will release the new iPhone SE that supports 5G networks and the fifth generation of iPad Air at the spring conference held in March and April. Although it is two or three months away from the conference, Apple seems to be ready. , and even registered the above-mentioned products in the Eurasian Economic Commission’s database.

The iPhone models recently found to be registered in the Eurasian Economic Commission database include A2783, A2784 and A2595, while the number of iPad Air 5 models is quite large, including A2436, A2588, A2696, A2759, A2437, A2589, A2591, A2757, A2761, A2766 and A2777. Although Apple has not clearly stated that the above model is definitely the iPhone SE or iPad Air 5, the intention of joining the Eurasian Economic Commission database at this time is also quite obvious. In fact, Apple often registers new devices with the database ahead of time, making it easier to sell products later in countries like Russia.

Source: phonearena