iPhone X: Does Apple make its flagship even more expensive?

iPhone X: Does Apple make its flagship even more expensive?

A pple could once again raise the price of its iPhone X by ten percent. At least that’s what analysts Steven Milunovich and Benjamin Wilson of UBS, who have embraced Apple’s pricing policy in a research note, expect the news portal “Business Insider” reports , “As soon as Apple a price range has been set, this is usually maintained, in line with what we have heard from former Apple employees, “quoted” Business Insider, “the analysts. In fact, over the past few years the company has been able to gradually raise the average price of its iPhone models – most recently to just under $ 800. However, that does not mean that all Apple buyers have to pay more for their devices. Apple succeeded in the past to inspire regular customers for high-priced devices. In return, new customers were lured with cheaper hardware. For example, according to analysts, the iPhone X may be more expensive, but for the entry-level iPhone SE they expect a price reduction of up to $ 300. also read Analysts have reversed their sales forecasts for the iPhone X in recent months. The reason for the reluctance to buy is on the one hand the too high price. Depending on the amount of storage, buyers in Germany pay 1150 euros to 1320 euros. On the other hand, many users would be satisfied with the cheaper iPhone 8 models or even older devices. Exact sales figures are not available from Apple In addition, iPhone owners use their previous devices longer and waive for now for an upgrade. Apparently, many do not consider the almost borderless OLED display and face recognition as important enough to pay a markup. If the analysts’ predictions match, Apple’s iPhone X is likely to miss a super-cycle previously anticipated by many observers. Already the numbers for the Christmas quarter had been sobering. Apple sold 77.32 million iPhones. As to which models sold, Apple does not publish in principle. also read However, sales fell slightly year-on-year. In the Christmas quarter of 2016, Apple had sold one million more devices. Nevertheless, the Group managed to increase sales by 12.7 percent. The profit also increased by two billion dollars. Thus, despite everything could go up Apple’s strategy. In the end, the profit, not the number of devices counts for the group. Average price increased by 40 to 796 dollars Tim Cook At the presentation of the most recent review, the iPhone X has exceeded all expectations in the business and has been the best selling iPhone model since its launch in November week after week. The iPhone X may also have been the reason why the iPhone average price rose $ 40 to $ 796. Meanwhile, Apple has a wider choice of iPhone models. Well-connected tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects three new models this autumn. In addition to a new iPhone X with 5.8 inches and an iPhone X Plus with a larger 6.5-inch OLED display could therefore also come with a device with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, which also has a face recognition but costs only between 700 and 800 dollars.

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