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iPhone XS iPhone XS: Specifications, Features and Price

iPhone XS iPhone XS: Specifications, Features and Price

Apple announced today its new smartphone iPhone XS iPhone XS, during a special event on the stage Steve Jobs inside the headquarters of the company in California, USA, carrying iPhone XS iPhone XS same design of iPhone X, but Apple provided the new phone with a stronger and improved The two rear cameras also said it provides a better battery with options for up to 512 GB of storage.

What's New in iPhone XS iPhone XS?

IPhone XS offers iPhone XS, which is an update of the previous version IPhone X Many improvements include better screen colors, better sound for headphones and a better camera, and improvements to Face ID and better water resistance (IP68-style). Galaxy Note 9 And Samsung's other leading phones), along with the new A12 Bionic processor that delivers better performance. Tim Kook, chief executive of the company, said at the unveiling of the new iPhone that the iPhone XS iPhone XS is the best iPhone made by Apple so far.

The iPhone XS iPhone XS carries the same design as the previous version of iPhone X

The XS iPhone XS carries the same design as the previous version of iPhone X, which is designed with a surgical stainless steel frame and a glass background, but the iPhone XS is available in a new color that is golden in addition to the gray and silver, IP68 (ie, the phone can stay within 2 meters of water for 30 minutes without damage) compared to IP67 on iPhone X. Apple says it has tested the phone's resistance to other liquids such as juices and beverages such as coffee, Damaged by it.

The iPhone XS iPhone XS carries the same design as the previous version of iPhone X "width =" 552 "height =" 892

Like the previous version, the iPhone supports the wireless charging feature thanks to the glass design, and does not carry a traditional outlet for the speakers, and Apple confirmed that it will not provide a link to convert to the traditional speaker port with the new phone, and the user will need to pay $ 9 if he wants to buy, The Face ID feature is safer in iPhone XS and faster compared to iPhone X with no fingerprint sensor. The iPhone XS comes with a slightly heavier weight, weighing 177 grams compared with 174 grams for iPhone X

IPhone XS iPhone XS Screen

IPhone XS iPhone XS Screen "width =" 1200 "height =" 667

The iPhone XS iPhone XS comes with a 5.8-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels of 458 pixels per inch, the same screen as the iPhone X, but Apple said its new phone supports the HDR10 and Dolby Vision content display, The new 3D glass is the most powerful to protect the screen and the back cover from scratches and bumps, as well as support for the 3D Touch feature, which provides different options for the user according to the strength of the pressure on the screen, in addition to the support of True Tone technology, which depends on the sensor Ambient Light Adjust the white balance so that the images on the screen look normal to reduce stress Eye

IPhone XS iPhone XS Performance

Apple has supplied its new iPhone XS iPhone XS with the new dual-core A12 Bionic processor, the first 7-nanometer factory available in a smartphone (such as Kirin 980 Announced by Huawei but not yet available on any phone), which Apple says is equipped with a new generation of chips for processing artificial intelligence applications, which relies on real-time automated learning to provide a better experience in image display, play and enhanced reality applications.

The new A12 Bionic delivers 15% faster performance than the iPhone X or A11 processor, and 4 cores consume 50% less power than Apple's previous processor, which says the new iPhone Xs graphics processor delivers up to 50% faster performance. Image processing compared to the Bionic A11 processor in iPhone X.

As usual, RAM is not limited to RAM, but the iPhone XS iPhone XS is available with 64, 256 or 512 GB storage. The battery also offers 30 minutes of use more than the iPhone X with fast charging support, but the user You will need to buy a quick charger to take advantage of the feature, as Apple does not provide a quick charger with the phone.

IPhone XS iPhone XS Camera

Although the iPhone XS iPhone XS carries the same rear cameras in the iPhone X, 12 megapixel camera lens f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 with the support of the optical installation in both cameras, in addition to the presence of flash and support optical zoom 2x, but Apple says that the sensor The camera in the iPhone XS is twice as fast as the iPhone X, and the size of the pixels is larger, which provides better images in low-light.

IPhone XS Camera "width =" 1200 "height =" 594

The new rear-facing iPhone XS has a new feature called Smart HDR, which says it provides more detail in images, enhanced portrait capture, added depth control to the field or background blur, and also said that iPhone XS.

IPhone XS iPhone XS Camera "width =" 1200 "height =" 635

The iPhone XS also carries the same front camera as the iPhone X, but Apple says it is quicker to recognize and track faces (an important feature of enhanced reality games and applications). The Silvi camera also supports Depth Control to control the blur of the background in portrait images, , The camera supports the new Memoji feature, which allows the user to express what they want through the graphics, as well as support for Portrait Lighting, which emulates studio lighting through many lighting effects.

IPhone XS iPhone XS works on iOS 12

IPhone XS iPhone XS is the new version of IOS 12, Which was released earlier this June, which provides faster performance and better responsiveness, as well as a wide range of features including Siri Shortcuts and support for video calls in TimeTime, as well as tools to reduce iPhone usage time and improve alerts , Along with many other advantages.

Does iPhone Xs support running two lines?

For the first time in iPhone, iPhone XS supports two lines running through the nano-SIM card and the eSIM card embedded in the phone, a virtual card or chip that can be activated to work with any mobile service provider that supports the feature, Apple has to support the operation of two lines will be available later this year 2018 through a free update.

Does iPhone Xs support two lines running? "Width =" 1200 "height =" 676

But iPhone XS will be available in China and Hong Kong in a version that supports the operation of two cards or two SIM segments or two lines, both nano-SIM.

IPhone Xs Price and Availability

The iPhone Xs will be available for pre-booking on Friday, 14 September 2018, in more than 30 countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to be available for purchase on September 21. The phone will be available for a week in more countries including Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

The price of the iPhone Xs iPhone XS starts from US $ 1000 (about SAR 3750) for a 64 GB storage version, at a price of US $ 1150 (about SR 4300) for a 256 GB storage version, at a price of US $ 1350 (about SR 5100) 512 GB.

IPhone Xs Specifications

  • the screen: 5.8 inches Oled with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels at 458 pixels per inch
  • Healer: Aion Bionic
  • OS: iOS 12
  • Rear Camera: Two 12-megapixel cameras with F / 1.8 and F / 2.4 lens slot
  • Front Camera: 7 megapixels
  • Storage space: 64, 256, or 512 GB
  • Additional benefits: Water resistance support + Two line operation support + Face ID
  • Colors: Golden, silver and dark gray
  • price: Starting from $ 1000


The iPhone Xs carry the same design as the iPhone X with improvements to the camera and battery, a new powerful processor with two slide support and support for water resistance

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