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IPS retirees will hold a demonstration tomorrow – Nationals

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A group of retirees calls for a demonstration in front of the Central Bank of the Social Security Institute (IPS) for tomorrow Tuesday, starting at 9:00 a.m., to demand an extension and better conditions for the payment of the loans obtained from the entity.

In the call released by the retirees, it is stated that on June 21 they asked the entity for considerations regarding the loans, which implies an extension until December and better operating conditions in the box to be able to renegotiate the debts, but they have not obtained any answer for what they consider that there is no other way but mobilization.

The retirees in the aforementioned note request an increase in the loan amount of the 40% more on the maximum amount of the retiree’s credit, which is G. 50,000,000, an increase in the term of 60 to 80 months, interest reduction to 6% per annum, raise the operating age to 75 years, preferential approval for retirees and pensioners, and immediate application of benefits.

The so-called self-summoned retirees and the members of the directive commission of the association in formation, the Union of Retirees and Pensioners of the IPS, asked the president of the IPS, Vicente Battaglia, the extension of the extension of the payment of the capital, of the credits that they have with the cash, until the month of December and the reimbursement of said capital in 11 installments from the end of each credit.

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They did not respond to the note

They indicate that to date they have not received any news, official or unofficial, regarding the request presented and neither have they been received by the IPS executives, despite repeated requests for a hearing. He adds that on Friday they were verbally communicated by the representative of the retirees in the IPS Council, that it had been approved only 2 more months the extension of capital.

“You better than anyone should be aware of the serious situation that we are going through in the health coverage area, Mr. President, and you will have realized that this pandemic, instead of loosening and flattening the curve, is worsening both in infections and deaths” , indicates the note.

He adds that this situation made the scenario have totally changed and therefore, “our economic need gets worse every day.” For this reason, say retirees, they find it necessary to find a solution to the difficult situation in which they continue.

“Taking into account the graceful and favorable concessions made to active officials and even contracted, doubling the ceiling of credits and risky condition of single signature, plus term and an interest of 6% per year, we were able to visualize an already comprehensive solution to our situation ”, the note states.

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