IPSA leaves the week to the bottom without paying attention to the rise of Wall Street


On Monday, the Santiago Stock Exchange finished lower, closing the IPSA with a 0.32% drop at the end of 5,613.14 points. On the other hand, the General Share Price Index (IGPA) fell by 0.02% to 28,096.84 points. The amount of the shares traded reached $ 41,678 million (some US $ 70 million) in 8,094 businesses. The highest rises of the day corresponded to the shares of Invexans (10.10%), Hipermarc (7.53%) and Melon (4.92%), while the main losses corresponded to Soprocal (-15.79% ), Iansa (-5.56%) and Salmocam (-4.94%). The Inter-10, which measures the local performance of securities traded as ADR (American Depositary Receipt) in New York and which are an important component of the IPSA, fell by 0.42% in Monday’s session to 6,677 , 30 points.
In the session of this Monday, 40 actions scored increases, 39 registered losses, 25 did not experience variation and 114 did not have movement.


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