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Iran announces that it is enriching more uranium than before the nuclear agreement | International


Iranian President Hasan Rohani this Wednesday in Tehran. On video, Rohani stands before Europe and refuses to negotiate a new nuclear agreement. Photo: AP | Video: Reuters

Iran is enriching more uranium than before the 2015 nuclear agreement. This was announced Thursday by the country’s president, Hasan Rohani. His foreign minister had shaved Europeans in advance to be pressured by the United States to activate the dispute resolution mechanism of the pact. Iranian rulers, who do not hide their irritation with the European decision, try to show that the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (PIAC, its official name) did give results, contrary to the opinion of Donald Trump.

“We are enriching more uranium than before the agreement was reached (…). The pressure on Iran has increased, but we are still making progress, ”Rohani said in a televised speech. Depending on the level of purity, enriched uranium serves both to produce nuclear energy (Iran’s stated objective), and to manufacture fissile material for an atomic bomb. The PIAC was negotiated in order to avoid the latter.

Iran already announced on January 5 that it was going to ignore the limits to the uranium enrichment it accepted under the agreement signed in 2015. Although the decision was linked to the US murder of one of the most relevant military in the Iranian regime , General Qasem Soleimani, it was an expected step. Since last year, Tehran has been gradually reducing its commitments in response to the abandonment of the pact decided by Trump in 2018; that measure left Iran without the promised economic benefits of giving up the bulk of its program and accepting very strict international inspections for the limited activities authorized (essentially related to the investigation).

This progressive withdrawal was calculated to pressure the rest of the signatories of the agreement (China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and Germany), but without causing a total break that justified the reimposition of European and UN sanctions. However, the Europeans activated the dispute resolution clause on that possibility last Tuesday. For the Iranian regime, in the midst of a serious crisis over the demolition of a Ukrainian passenger plane (176 occupants died) and the initial refusal of its military to recognize the error, the measure could not come at a worse time and the leaders could not They hid their unease by accusing the EU of succumbing to US pressure. Rohani ruled out renegotiating the pact.

Now they feel vindicated. The American newspaper The Washington Post He said in his Thursday edition that “Trump threatened Europeans with tariffs if they did not warn Iran about their violations of the agreement.” Apparently, the US president contemplated a 25% surcharge on European car imports. As soon as he has read the news, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has launched himself on Twitter.

“Appease confirmed. E3 [el Reino Unido, Francia y Alemania] They sold the remains of the PIAC to avoid Trump’s new tariffs. It won’t work, folks. They have only opened their appetite. Do you remember the institute bully? ”Zarif wrote, who criticized those countries the day before for lacking principles.

Washington’s sanctions extend to the international financial system (which it controls) and to companies in any country that have business in Iran and have interests in the United States (or that country’s patents on its products), which in practice prevents Most transactions Unable to sell its oil, the Iranian regime has run out of its main source of income.



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