Iran has offered to assist Denmark in investigating its "groundless" allegations that Iranian intelligence agencies intended to launch an attack on Danish soil, Iranian media reported.

Denmark recalled its Iranian ambassador earlier this week after the Danish police accused Tehran of planning attacks on Iranian exiles in the Scandinavian country and described the situation as "very serious".

On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reiterated Tehran's denial of misconduct and said the allegations were "baseless allegations."

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"In this case, we see a clear attempt by the Zionist regime [Israel] The relations between Iran and the EU to torpedo, "he said in a telephone conversation with his Danish counterpart Anders Samuelsen, according to the news agency ISNA.

Iran is prepared to cooperate with the Danish security authorities in an investigation, he said, explaining that it was also important for Tehran to clarify the circumstances of the "conspiracy".

The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had shared information about the alleged conspiracy in Copenhagen.

Finn Borch Andersen, head of the Danish security service PET, said that a Norwegian-born Norwegian citizen was remanded in connection with the case. The suspect denies any involvement in a plot.

According to PET, the Iranian authorities were planning to assassinate members of a group called the Arab Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz – Iran (ASMLA).

Three members of ASMLA are still under Danish police protection because "the threats have not been eliminated," said PET boss on Tuesday.



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