Iran, Russia and China have launched a joint naval exercise

The maneuvers cover 17,000 square kilometers of ocean.

TEHRAN. Iran, Russia and China launched a joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean on Friday to strengthen maritime security. According to the AP agency, the Iranian state media reported about it.

Iranian state television reported that three Russian ships – including one destroyer – and two Chinese vessels had joined the 11 Iranian vessels.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps will also take part in the exercise with its smaller ships and helicopters.

The maneuvers cover approximately 17,000 square kilometers in the northern Indian Ocean and include night fighting, rescue operations and fire drills.

This is the third joint maritime exercise of the three countries since 2019. Their actions coincide with the recent visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Russia, which ended on Thursday.

The AP states in its report that Tehran is trying to intensify military cooperation with Beijing and Moscow. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of visits by Russian and Chinese naval forces to Iran in recent years.

In addition, Iran has been organizing regular military exercises in recent months. This is happening at a time when attempts to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement with the world powers are being made.

Russia announced on Thursday that it plans to conduct large-scale naval maneuvers in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific, the Arctic and the Mediterranean in January and February.

According to the AFP, this is another demonstration by Russia of the current stalemate in its relations with the West.

Russia’s military activities are being closely monitored as the build-up of Russian troops near Ukraine and Moscow’s aggressive rhetoric have shaken the West and raised fears of impending military conflict, Reuters said, noting that Moscow vehemently denied any plan to invade Ukraine.


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