Iraq has detained one of the heads of the Islamic State

The prime minister stated in a Twitter post that the arrested was the head of IS’s financial operations, Sami Jasim, who served as the deputy leader of the organization, Abu Bakr Baghdadi. He added that the wanted terrorist was detained “during one of the most complex intelligence operations” ever conducted by Iraqi security forces outside their borders.

The prime minister did not say where the wanted terrorist was arrested. An unnamed AP source from the Iraqi intelligence community said Jasim was arrested in a foreign country and then transferred to Iraq a few days ago. The United States has offered a reward of five million dollars (110 million crowns) for any information leading to its capture.

In the past, Jamsim worked with Abu Musa Zarqawi, the leader of the Iraqi branch of the al-Qaeda terrorist network, who died in an attack by a US plane in 2006. After the caliphate was declared by the Islamic State in 2014, he moved to Syria and became Baghdad’s deputy, who was killed by US special forces. in 2019.

Iraq declared victory over IS in 2017, and the terrorist organization was defeated in Syria two years later. However, according to this year’s UN report, IS members in both countries have become illegal on the Iraqi-Syrian border and are still able to carry out terrorist attacks, the AFP agency reminds. The last IS attack in July killed about 30 people in Baghdad.


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