Ireland: – Death after horror accident

Irish Amy Dutil-Wall is furious.

The reason is that the lorry driver who killed her three-year-old daughter has received the note back.

This is reported by the news agency South Wales News Service (SWNS).

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Get out of prison

In 2020, the truck driver pleaded guilty to negligent driving resulting in death.

He received a fine of 1,500 pounds, i.e. 17,000 kroner, and was banned from driving for four years.

The following year, an appeals court sentenced him to unconditional imprisonment for 16 months – subject to good behavior in the following two years.

He thus escaped prison, and the Dutil-Wall family were enraged.

The carousel collapses

The carousel collapses

Thundered in

The man was about to pass a bus in the village of Inagh when everything went wrong.

The lorry was traveling in the opposite direction when it crashed into the car Vincent Dutil-Wall was driving.

In Dutil-Wall’s back seat sat three-year-old Estlin in a child seat.

Her father lost control of the already smashed family car, which rolled into the edge of the ditch.

Three days after the head-on collision, the four-year-old died of his injuries at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

The father survived, but was left in a coma for five weeks and suffered severe brain damage.

AT THE GRAVE: Amy and Vincent Dutil-Wall with their children Mannix and Lucie at Estlin's grave.  Photo: SWNS

AT THE GRAVE: Amy and Vincent Dutil-Wall with their children Mannix and Lucie at Estlin’s grave. Photo: SWNS
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Lifted the ban

At the same time as the sentence was handed down, the man was also banned from driving.

The ban was originally supposed to apply until 21 April 2024, but the man applied to have the ban lifted earlier.

He argued that he was unable to get a job as a result of the driving ban.

He also said that he has leukemia, and therefore needs to get to and from the hospital.

The application was granted.

– We are devastated, says Amy Dutil-Wall to the news agency.

13-year-old: - Tortured for several hours

13-year-old: – Tortured for several hours

Open wound

– It feels like he doesn’t value Estlin’s life at all. That he doesn’t care about how his actions have affected our lives, she says.

She believes that the man should have complied with the ban as long as it lasted.

– It was the smallest inconvenience for having caused the death of someone. He could have taken it, and just quietly disappeared.

Get 145 million after this

Get 145 million after this

– Never apologized

Dutil-wall believes that the truck driver is only thinking of himself, and says that he has never complained to them.

– It feels as if he is turning the knife around in our already open wound, and that he wants to hurt us with his selfish actions. All he cares about is getting his license back, and not how we’re doing.

The lorry driver has not commented on the case in the British media.