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Irene Montero gets fed up with being called “woman of” and vindicates her “legacy”

by archyw

Irene Montero has been fighting against accusations of ‘enchufismo’ since her name began to be linked to that of Pablo Iglesias, and much more since she became a deputy of Podemos, to occupy the position of Minister of Equality, after the elections that placed her husband as vice president in a coalition government.

A fact that the opposition does not stop emphasizing, as Pablo Casado did recently, denouncing the ‘nepotism in the Government’, something that he considers has to end now. He made specific reference to Irene Montero, of whom he said that “we have a minister in the government because she is the wife of a former vice president.” He has also mentioned the case of Mariano Bacigalupo, member of the CNMC and husband of Teresa Ribera, vice president of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

But he has not been the only one who has questioned the careerism of the current Minister of Equality. On one occasion Bertrand Ndongo, Rocío Monasterio’s advisor in the Madrid Assembly, dedicated a much more direct tweet, in response to a few words in which Montero spoke about the inequality suffered by women. “I throw myself at the boss, I give him a few children, I marry him and he makes me Minister”, it said in his account. A tweet that in less than a day was filled with reactions of all kinds.

Irene Montero has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a master’s degree in Educational Psychology. He was awarded a Ph.D. scholarship at the same university. His interest in politics was very early and he joined the Communist Youth when he was only 16 years old, in the Moratalaz neighborhood, where he lived and studied.

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Later he joined Pablo Iglesias’ project, and around 2016 rumors began to spread about a relationship between the two, although it has never transpired when they started dating. She was always very involved in social causes such as student mobilizations against the controversial Bologna Plan, 15M or the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH). She has also been the first woman in the political history of our country to intervene in Parliament in a motion of censure, specifically the one held in 2017 against Mariano Rajoy.

Now, as Minister, Irene Montero has also wanted to highlight her achievements, and tired of being ignored by treating her as a ‘woman of’, she has not been able to avoid responding to a publication on Twitter where Casado’s words of reproach were collected. “The woman of” the Only Yes is Yes Law and the Trans-LGTBI Law. And you?’ he said with pride. The responses have been varied, from those who compare her to Ana Botella, to those who defend her role in the government and her tireless fight for the LGTBI collective.

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