Iris Klein jumps into the breach for Lucas Cordalis – and criticizes Danni Büchner on Instagram

The drama of the family Katzenberger Cordalis Klein continues. After Lucas Cordalis placed third on the TV show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” had brought, he was allowed to leave the jungle camp. In the meantime, he has also been informed about what happened at home during the recordings. His Mother-in-law Iris Klein had accused her husband Peter, who accompanied Cordalis to Australia for the recordings, of cheating on her. The affair is said to be about Yvonne Woelke, the companion of Jungle Queen Djamila Roweact.

Klein then explained on social networks that they were packing their things and would leave the island. On Monday (January 30th) she posted two stories on Instagram from a plane. “Bye Bye Mallorca” she wrote in one. In the other that she was very tired.

Cordalis told the “Bild” that he “shocked” had been when he found out about the drama at home. On Tuesday he flies back to the island from Brisbane, Australia. Once arrived, he wanted one crisis session stop, he explained.

Peter Klein flies to Mallorca

Peter Klein is also on the plane with Lucas Cordalis. This faces an uncertain situation. The “Bild” quoted him before departure with the words: “I leave Australia with a laughing and a crying eye. The smiling eye because it’s finally time to go home again. The crying eye because I just don’t know What the future brings.” He will now fly to Mallorca and see how the situation is. “I don’t yet know what’s in store for me.”

Picture from happier times: Peter and Iris Klein. Photo: Wrobel

Quarrel with Danni Büchner

Meanwhile, Iris Klein had trouble with another well-known emigrant on Instagram: Danni Büchner. their daughter Joelina Karabas Lucas Cordalis called “Clown” on Instagram. Klein didn’t want to let that sit on her and jumped into the breach for her son-in-law: “And Lucas donated so much to her back then, after Jens’ death? That’s what he will be for now publicly insulted? How wicked,” she wrote.

Danni Büchner, in turn, explained Lucas Cordalis never donated money. However, after the death of Jens Büchner in 2018, he appeared with his father Costa and other artists at a benefit concert for the children. “That was very nice. But that doesn’t make him untouchable four years later and Criticism is probably allowed.” She also wished Iris Klein’s family that she could calm down “to focus on her own problems at home.” In another Instagram story, she explained the children would have received 10,000 euros each from the concert. She is still grateful to everyone for this, wrote Büchner and added that she wished the topic to end.