Iris Klein: Naked breakdown on Instagram! | Entertainment

When you’re an influencer, there are some dangers lurking at work.

For example, presenting yourself stark naked in front of your followers out of inattention! That is Iris Klein (55) happening now.

Daniela Katzenberger’s mom wants to present a razor to her 465,000 Instagram followers. As she climbs into the shower and films with her cell phone, she forgets that there are some mirror traps.

Well, do you spot Iris’ nude faux pas in the reflective shower mount?

Photo: iris_klein_mama_/Instagram

So while Iris showers happily and praises the qualities of her razor, EVERYTHING is reflected in the wall bracket of the shower head. Iris not only presents her fans with the razor, but also with her naked breasts!

Your followers notice the mishap immediately, point out the Mallorca emigrant. Iris deletes the video with the nipple flasher – and takes the involuntary bare facts with humor: “Luckily I was freshly shaved.”

Addressing her fans, she said: “Guys, thanks for warning me. There was a nipple speed camera in the fitting. That means: I have to repeat the story for you tomorrow and I have to take another shower.”

Iris Klein is back on Mallorca

And how is it going privately with the emigrant?

Iris has been taking care of the dogs she has with her estranged husband for the past few days Peter (55) has. The animals live on the finca, which was once the Kleins’ love nest. The four-legged friends needed Iris’ care because Peter was in Germany.

Iris Klein has been changing her life over the past few weeks.  A lot could soon change for the new single, especially privately

Iris Klein has turned her life upside down in the past few weeks. A lot could soon change for the new single, especially privately

Photo: iris_klein_mama_/Instagram

Most recently, Peter lived in the house while Iris looked for a single pad in Mallorca. However, her trip to her former home in recent days has given newly single Iris the idea that she could move into the villa herself again. In order not to be all alone in the huge property, Iris has already made the first plans for a flat share: “If someone is ready, the idea is not so bad. Then we’ll set up a commune here or something.”

And in Iris’ plans for the future, a new man is slowly finding room again, because she is not a person for “being alone”. “I also have to look for a man, maybe I can fall in love like lightning. Maybe there’s someone out there. Just stand in front of me, then I have to fall in love,” she appeals to men.

After her naked snapshots, Iris must have written some admirers …