‘Irma Sluis’ popular name for new sea lock at IJmuiden

Irma Sluis appears to be a popular name for a new sea lock at IJmuiden. According to the municipality of Velsen, the name of sign interpreter Irma Sluis is “remarkably often mentioned” during a competition.

The municipality has launched a competition together with Rijkswaterstaat to come up with a name for the largest sea lock in the world. Almost a thousand suggestions have been received since the competition started yesterday. The name of sign interpreter Sluis is popular on social media, writes Omroep West.


The Hague Sluis became nationally known in a short time because she assisted Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge during their corona papers conferences. The Drenthe band Mooi Wark even dedicated a song to her. Sluis herself said in scarce interviews that she is not waiting for all the attention that her work for the prime minister entails.

However, the sea lock will never be baptized ‘Irma Sluis’. According to a spokesman for the municipality, someone must be dead for at least ten years before a lock can be named after him or her.

The entry deadline for the name closes on August 4. Ultimately, the College of Mayor and Aldermen of Velsen chooses the new name from a top 5.

The new sea lock will be five hundred meters long, seventy meters wide and eighteen meters deep. The first ships must start using the passage in early 2022.

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