Iron, a television series that is already a classic: if you haven’t seen it, you have to do it

I confess that I saw the series when Movistar premiered its first season, on June 7, 2019, and when the second was released, on February 19, 2021. And these days I have returned to it. Almost in one go. I attest that it is like good wines, the passage of time makes it better. One finds nuances that had previously been overlooked.

The television series Iron centers its axis on the person of the judge Candela Montes (interpreted by Candela Pena), a lawyer who passed the opposition in her thirties, a single mother of a child, Nico, with cerebral palsy, who accompanies him. It has its first destination in the Court of First Instance and Instruction 1 of Valverde, capital of the island of Hierro, one of the four that make up the province, along with La Palma, Gomera and Tenerife, which gives it its name.

It is the only Court and she is the only judge for a population of 11,154 people (according to 2019 data). That is, they all know each other.

I have to say that Candela Peña, in her role as judge, is splendid. I don’t know how she has worked on it, but, having the experience I have and knowing many more judges and magistrates than the national average, the interpretation she gives is superb.

The engine of the story is the murder of a young man on his wedding day. An appointment he can’t keep.

The main suspect is Antonio Diazwhich gives life to the Argentine actor Darío Grandinetti, owner of a banana plantation, of whom everyone “knows” that he did not get along with Fran, the dead man, and whom he did not want as a son-in-law.

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As is often the case, nothing is what it seems.

Judge Montes with the Civil Guard sergeant, head of the Iron Command, Alejandro Morata (played by Juan Carlos Vellido) in a snapshot of a conversation about the progress of the investigations.

We must praise the great respect that, in general, both the screenwriter, Pepe Churlike his brother, Jorgehave had by legal proceedings.

It must be said that the association criticized the role of the judge in the entire investigation of the Civil Guard, making an entry and registration without the lawyer of the Administration of Justice. When it is the judicial lawyer who performs it. And it is true. But, from my point of view, it is a minor detail in fiction.

An example of this, of the absence of orthodoxy, can be found in the birth of the highly celebrated series CSI Las Vegas. Your Creator, Mark Zuckerberg, reproduced the magnificent relationship that the head of the Scientific Police maintained with the head of the Judicial Police, which allowed him to skip the classic limits and enter the fields of police investigation. Which did not happen in other American cities. But that gave birth to CSI Miami and CSI New York.

The laws of fiction.

Judge Montes makes it clear to everyone around her that the law is followed and things have to be done according to the law. No good rolls with the prosecutor, who comes from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who suggests imposing provisional prison on businessman Antonio Díaz, who in the past served 10 years in prison for a homicide.

She is the judge, the authority. And the members of the Civil Guard are agents of the authority. Everything is clear.

The judge knows who she is and who is the authority, at all times.
During the interrogation of businessman Antonio Díaz, together with his lawyer, Bernardo (Luifer Rodríguez), in front of Judge Montes and the lawyer from the Administration of Justice, covered up.

The judge is a tough woman, with a strong character – like so many judges I have met – and, at the same time, fragile. But she very close. Her relationship with Díaz is tense, but as it happens in life, nuances are acquired along the way. They are conversations between two giants of the scene.

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Iron is not a plot to Agatha Christie, as in “Death on the Nile” or “Murder on the Orient Express”, but as in those novels, the identity of the murderer is surprising. It could not be otherwise. Because behind all this there is money, a lot of money.

The icing on the cake in the first season is the presence of Antonia San Juan, as the boss of the bad guys. Without question, her mastery of her interpretive registers is unparalleled.

Both in comedy and drama, as in this series, Antonia San Juan is incredible. How incredible are the images that she has managed to capture Jose Luis Bernal the director of photography for the series. It seems as if Hierro is from another planet, because of the beauty of him.

Antonia San Juan is the icing on the cake of the first season. She plays the boss of the bad guys.

The second season revolves around the attempted assassination of Díaz by a hit man. He does not want to sell his banana plantation to an international group so that a tourist “resort” can be built on the island.

A project promoted by the Colombian businessman based in Miami Gaspar Varelaplayed by Spanish-Swedish actor Matias Varela –of Galician parents–, famous for his role as Jorge Salcedo in the third season of “Narcos”.

In the second season, the story revolves around the purchase of the banana plantation owned by Antonio Díaz (Dario Grandinetti), on the left, by businessman Gaspar Varela (Matías Varela), in the center. On the right, Pilar (Kimberley Tell), Díaz’s daughter, in the banana plantation.

The businessman lands in Hierro with his lawyer to take his two daughters, to whom Justice has given custody and to “unlock” the “resort” project. Things get complicated when his body turns up in the hotel room where he was staying. Who has murdered him? What interests are behind?

The final twist occurs when they put a price on the head of Judge Candela Montes.

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The awards that Hierro has received are fair and deserved and the time you are going to spend watching it will not bore you. It is a guaranteed bet.

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