Iron Harvest – All Kickstarter goals achieved, Financing campaign ended


A success: Iron Harvest has achieved all Kickstarter goals.
The financing campaign of Iron Harvest is finished. Like developer King Art on the crowdfunding platform kick-starter reported, they could take in the final spurt another strong $ 232,261 additional. That makes for a proud end Total of $ 1,530,887 , These include both donations via Kickstarter and pre-orders at the Website of Iron Harvest ,

Apparently, the backers also wanted to see the last mentioned Kickstarter goal of Iron Harvest achieved – one free DLC campaign in addition to the basic story. It was not financed until it reached the 1.5 million mark. The other Stretch Goals include, for example, a multiplayer mode, a co-op campaign, and cinematic cut-scenes.
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What are the next steps?
First, King Art collect the donations, which should take up to a week. Then they send emails to all supporters within two weeks with information like they did Access to your own King Art Portal can receive. This applies to both Kickstarter backers and supporters who have paid on the site. Incidentally, the option to pre-order there is still going on for a while. From the beginning of May, King Art now wants to monthly developer blog to provide information on the progress made by Iron Harvest. If you want to know more about the real-time strategy game, we recommend you our world exclusive plus preview for Iron Harvest , No GameStar Plus subscribes but still fancy more? In this article you will find all information about the Kickstarter campaign and the planned release of Iron Harvest , There is something for the eyes too: this one Gameplay videos from Iron Harvest show how the RTS will play out.
Iron Harvest – view screenshots



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