Is Beate Zschäpe guilty? Why it after almost 5 years still no judgment

Is Beate Zschäpe guilty?  Why it after almost 5 years
 still no judgment

The main defendant is Beate Zschäpe. The 43-year-old is the only survivor of the alleged terrorist trio, to which Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt are said to have belonged. Federal Prosecutor’s Office demands life imprisonment for Zschäpe Since May 6, 2013, Zschäpe is at the Higher Regional Court in Munich the process was done. After 413 days of negotiations, he enters the decisive phase. Actually, the defense’s first plea should begin this Tuesday, but they are delayed. The reason is an announced new motion of bias of the alleged weapons procurer Ralf Wohlleben. On Wednesday the process should be continued. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office demands life imprisonment for Zschäpe. Why does the trial last so long? Each charge of 500 pages must be heard in court Almost 500 pages long is the indictment of the Federal Prosecutor. It is the result of investigations that began immediately after the NSU trio became known on 4 November 2011. Every single charge must be heard in court. This takes time, especially since the taking of evidence has taken months. Especially the many co-plaintiffs lead since the beginning of the process with numerous evidence to the fact that the criminal senate always had to take longer consulting breaks. It was mostly about the charge of witnesses from the right milieu, but also from the protection of the Constitution. The reason: One wants to grasp the entire extent of the NSU. No direct eyewitnesses complicate taking evidence Decisive for this is the taking of evidence. Alone she lasted 374 days. 596 witnesses were heard. After that, the prosecution considers it proven that Zschäpe is to be punished as the accomplice of the ten murders and all other NSU crimes. All but one were motivated by xenophobia. The duration of the NSU trial can be explained in particular by the fact that there is not a single immediate eyewitness for the series of murders between 2000 and 2007. Also the proceedings of the alleged suicide of Mundlos and Böhnhardt, after they were flown up after a failed bank robbery in 2011, nobody can directly testify. Therefore, the statements of other witnesses and expert opinions are all the more important – and that is a fact.
Evidence must be watertight In addition: For a judgment to become final, the taking of evidence must be watertight. If that is not the case, Zschäpe’s defense has the opportunity to appeal. However, observers consider this process review for legal errors to be unlikely. This is ensured by the prudent and meticulous conduct of the negotiations by the Chairman, Judge Manfred Götzl. The concern to offer grounds for annulment, explains the hiccup hack to Zschäpes public defender. Zschäpe had fallen out with their public defenders Wolfgang Heer, Wolfgang Stahl and Anja storm and deprived them of confidence in the summer of 2015. As a result, Zschäpe was given another legal defender, Mathias Grasel, and she also represents Hermann Borchert. Since then, the involvement of army, steel and storm in the process is a farce, they themselves have now asked for their release. Götzl refused, however, so as not to jeopardize the proceedings. In Video: Mocking Their Victims: Audio Files Show How Radical “Freital Group” really is

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