The Bremen Senate has launched its plans for the massive expansion of the vaccination center. According to the health department, it is currently the largest in Germany.

In the Bremen vaccination center, up to 16,000 people per day are to be vaccinated from mid-March.

Image: Radio Bremen | Alexander Schnackenburg

The Bremen Senate has decided on plans to expand the Bremen vaccination center in the exhibition halls. From mid-March, between 12,000 and 16,000 people per day are to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Halls 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Until now, the Bremen vaccination center is limited to Hall 7. By mid-March, the available space should increase to more than 20,000 square meters. For the period from March to the end of August, Bremen calculates costs of around 70 million euros. The money comes from the Bremen fund.

The Saarland plans with 1,500 vaccinations per day

These dimensions are remarkable, as Bremen is the smallest federal state. In addition, the budget in Bremen is not exactly lavish compared to other countries. Nevertheless, according to the health authority, no other vaccination center in Germany is designed for a similarly high number of vaccinations. For comparison: In Saarland, for example, the second smallest federal state after Bremen, the Ministry of Health is planning around 1,500 vaccinations in the largest of the nation’s three vaccination centers from March. That is about a tenth of the Bremen target. And from March “only” 7,000 people are to be vaccinated every day at the Hamburg vaccination center.

These dimensions have become possible through the support of some Bremen companies around the building contractor Kurt Zech. Zech had full-bodied announced his support last December and spoke of up to 25,000 vaccinations per day. Politicians did not really like this approach. The tenor: too brash, too unrealistic. In fact, one could ask how Zech comes up with 25,000 vaccinations per day in view of the reports about the problems in obtaining the corona vaccine.

Goal: Three quarters of Bremen residents should be vaccinated by the end of July

But then they still got together. Even if with a lower goal and after some – apparently – conflicted talks. The target is now at least 12,000 and a maximum of 16,000 vaccinations per day. So far, only around 2,000 people per day have been vaccinated against Corona at the Bremen vaccination center. If the expansion target is achieved, according to the health authorities, almost three quarters of all Bremen residents could be vaccinated by the end of July.

Zech and a few other entrepreneurs have meanwhile launched the “Bremen vaccinates” initiative. The initiative explores where the individual companies can actually help and organizes the implementation on the part of the economy. For example, they set up a call center in the Bremen Congress Center on Bürgerweide, in which employees centrally assign vaccination appointments for Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Entrepreneur: “Appointments in the call center are going very well”

According to the manager of the call center, Peter Gärtner, appointments are going very well. Gärtner actually works as a manager for the Atlantic Hotels in Bremen. “We have an accessibility of 98 percent here,” he says. This means that 98 percent of callers would be connected directly to a call center employee and would not have to be put on hold. Even if a caller does get on hold, it doesn’t matter: “The longest waiting time so far was 90 seconds.”

In Lower Saxony, for example, one can only dream of such values. In Bremen’s neighboring state, when vaccinations started, some people did not get through for days when they wanted to make an appointment by telephone.

There is a crunch in the background

Anyone who thinks that there is a good atmosphere between the parties in view of the promising cooperation is, however, mistaken. In the background there is still a huge crunch after buten-un-inside information. In essence, it is probably about who is in charge. The Bremen health authority wants to avoid the impression that it is dependent on the help of the companies. “We would manage such a high number of daily vaccinations even without the help of companies,” explains the agency’s spokesman, Lukas Fuhrmann.

The entrepreneurs, on the other hand, feel that they are not sufficiently involved and valued. Kurt Zech himself does not want to comment on the current status of the planning.

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