“Is he better than me?” »

The Game does not let go of Eminem. After having invited the rapper to a battle – a call from the foot remained unanswered -, the artist from Compton continues its smear campaign, mocking Slim Shady’s latest single.

Eminem keep silent

The Game vs Eminem, it continues. Interviewed some time ago by the media UPROXX, the rapper had proclaimed his desire to face Em as part of a Verzuz, explaining more or less in stride that the status of GOA.T. conferred on the interpreter of My Name Is would be overused: “Today, no one is going after Eminem because of this preconceived idea that he is better than everyone. Well I want action and I want it now! Eminem is no better than me. I am better than him. I say it and I repeat it and I will continue to do so! »

This time, the artist attacks the new title of Eminem, The King And I, co-produced by Dr. Dre and available on streaming platforms recently. Overall well received by fans, the song in question did not seem to impress The Game, who hastened to troll his interpreter on his social networks: “Ayeeeee man!!! Is that the one who’s supposed to be better than me? » All while adding a few laughing emojis in the process. To date, Eminem has still not deigned to respond to his assailant.