Is homosexuality against nature? Piero Angela’s answer leaves no doubts »

Homosexual couples have the same feelings as heterosexual onesL’homosexuality is against nature? Sometimes this statement is heard, but it seems that it is also on a purely scientific level dand all without foundation.

Piero Angela, interviewed in the Rai3 program “What’s the weather like“conducted by Fabio Fazio, he provided on the topic an answer that leaves no doubt.

The newspaper Republic, in its online edition, reported a few steps of the science communicator: Homosexual couples think exactly like heterosexual ones: they present the same path of attraction and falling in love, jealousy, betrayal, married life and children. They have deep feelings, the same as those of man-woman relationships. It must be understood well“.

The newspaper Huffington Post also reported that this important speech was presented in the same episode in which the secretary of the PD, Enrico Letta, returned to the theme ofomotransphobia, explaining: “We have a duty to carry out and to have the Zan bill and soon I will ask for an exploration with the other political forces, to understand if there are the conditions that could lead to a rapid approval of the text “.