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Is it already worth buying an electric car? Deco study says yes – Automobile

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It already pays to buy an electric car in Portugal, concludes a study by the consumer protection organization Deco Proteste. The organization calculated the costs of owning and using the various technologies available for three-dimensional electric cars (small, medium and large).

The analysis concludes that, in Portugal, small and medium-sized electric cars purchased today “are the cheapest option for many consumers and the best choice over the life of the vehicle”. The organization states that “savings and environmental sustainability are also guaranteed when purchasing an electric car”.

For those who travel more than 25,000 kilometers a year and want to keep the car for a period of six years, a mid-segment tram allows you to save “between 12,600 euros” compared to gasoline models and in the order of “6,300 euros” in comparison with diesel models. “The savings are, above all, significant for those who own a second and third-hand tram, as it suffers less devaluation and benefits to the maximum from low energy and maintenance costs”, says the study, which was also carried out in countries such as Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania and Slovenia.

In the total calculation, costs with the use and ownership of electric vehicles were considered, such as the price of vehicles and market depreciation; fuel/electricity costs and consumption; taxes, such as ISV, registration and IUC; and insurance and maintenance costs. In this analysis, the electric car was the one with the lowest cost of ownership and use. Purchase incentives were not taken into account in these calculations. Calculations go to 2030, based on cost trends up to that year.

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In the case of larger dimensions, trams will only start to be competitive in this analysis from 2023 onwards, with the expected reduction in the acquisition cost and the approximation to identical vehicles of other technologies.

Alexandre Marvão, mobility specialist at Deco Proteste, it is necessary to “guarantee long-term fiscal stability and an effective reduction in the price of trams, either by increasing the supply or by reducing the cost of batteries and, consequently, the cost of acquisition “. The official also adds that “the incentive should also involve resuming subsidies for the scrapping of end-of-life vehicles that have high emissions, when the exchange is made for the purchase of electric vehicles (cars, motorcycles or bicycles)”.


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