is it bad if I don’t have such a skinny brook, I find my stomach somehow too chubby, I just do sports, but somehow it hardly gets thin?

Okay, the question sounds strange at first. I just read that not every woman can get a flat stomach, or that the rest of the body has to be extremely thin for this. This means that if you have a lot of fat on your stomach and it accumulates a lot there, you have to put up with very thin arms/legs, for example, in order to get a flat stomach. I assumed anyone could get a flat stomach if they exercised enough. I am aware that every body is different. I think I have a “Y-shape”, i.e. somewhat broader shoulders, but relatively thin legs and my biggest problem area is my stomach. But I would like to get a flat stomach without having to lose a lot of weight. Does anyone know? Is it possible to have a figure that is not suitable for a flat stomach? I keep reading something different everywhere, it’s very confusing.