Is it over for a Hamburg event location? | news

Whether large music events, vintage markets or the company celebrations of national as well as international corporations – the Hühnerposten in Hamburg’s Münzviertel is host to many events and guests. The owner of Hühnerposten Event GmbH Timo Kollmeier is very disappointed: “For 15 years I filled the house with life through various events – now the landlord is taking advantage of the pandemic and is trying to get me out of the door”.

Help comes too late

The corona pandemic that started a year and a half ago was and is a heavy blow for the entire culture and events industry, including the chicken post. The high monthly rents for the large area in the best Hamburg location and the sudden drop in sales by 100 percent, caused by the state closure order, put the event location operator in a precarious situation from the start. While many landlords pull together with their tenants and accompany them through the pandemic, the chicken post also has to defend itself against its own landlord.

Political support through various measures, such as the deferral of three months’ rent and various aid programs, was paid out far too late. This could now be the fatality of the chicken station. “The fact that my landlords ignore the fact that I have already paid half of all rents this year, even though Bridging Aid III has not yet flowed from the federal government, makes me speechless,” continues Kollmeier. The landlord of the Hühnerposten, the real estate company of a billionaire family from the Ruhr area, has already tried several times to terminate the lease early and to have the area cleared.

Multiple evacuation attempts

Two attempts to evacuate could only be averted at the last minute. The attempts to evacuate were only possible because the landlord declared that the legislature’s provisions for a rent reduction were inapplicable due to the loss of the business basis. The landlord took the bridging aid, which was paid too late by the state, as an opportunity to try to clear the henhouse as quickly as possible. “Due to the late payment of the subsidies, there was a gap in protection that the landlord tried mercilessly to exploit. We have to prevent that! ”- says lawyer Michael Semder from the law firm Dr. Schreier & Partner Rechtsanwälte, who represents Hühnerposten Event GmbH as a lawyer.

It’s just a rumor that the landlord is looking for a new tenant. A tenant who is not affected by the corona pandemic and can and must pay the full rent. This will rid the landlord of the financial burden of the corona pandemic – but Hamburg will lose the most centrally located event location. On Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 at 1 p.m., the Hamburg Regional Court will negotiate whether the termination was lawful.

(Chicken Post Events / KG)