Is it possible to bet on gas to return the looted depositors’ money?

Lebanon is awaiting the official Israeli response to its presentation in the maritime demarcation file through the American envoy, Amos Hochstein, after all the Lebanese parties united behind the President of the Republic and Line 29 was abandoned, so what will the Israeli response be? To return the looted depositors’ money?!.

First of all, regarding the negotiations and the expected response, well-informed follow-up sources believe that the “Israeli” will not accept the Lebanese offer because the Israeli will understand from it that “it will not obtain anything while Lebanon will possess the entire area of ​​860 square kilometers in addition to the possibility of the presence of gas in Block 72, the so-called Qana field, which It reaches from Block 9 to 72. The sources ask what is the Lebanese pressure card on the basis of which Beirut is negotiating… and what will motivate Israel to give up all the disputed area? The Lebanese government does not take any measures to ensure that Hezbollah does not escalate, knowing that official Lebanon accepted the American offer and that Line 29 is behind them, thus leaving the Karish field outside the framework of the disputed area.
On the line of expectations from the Lebanese gas wealth, the expert in oil and gas policies, Laurie Haytayan, believes through the “newsletter” that if the borders are drawn on Line 23 and the Qana field is tested, there will certainly be a prior agreement between Lebanon and Israel by exploiting it as a common reservoir, and it is necessary to know its commercial size and the company’s interests in developing them or not. Especially since the process of selling it after extracting it will be a bit complicated?! Especially since the Lebanese market is not ready for that because of its lack of gas stations, how it can enter the global market, and the lack of the necessary ground to exploit this new economic world.
In response to the question about reliance on Lebanese gas to return the looted depositors’ money, Haitian stressed the necessity of
Taking the necessary steps from the Lebanese government to advance and implement the reforms imposed on it according to the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, find ways out of losses and determine who will bear them, bearing in mind that the responsibility for the bulk of them lies with the Lebanese state, in partnership with the Central Bank and commercial banks.
Officials cannot extend their “long” hand on unextracted oil and gas after they rely on it to return the looted depositors’ money, as if someone sells fish in the sea before catching it! . She pointed out that the reality today is that there are no data or movements for any petroleum activities in Lebanon, and saving the economy needs quick action.

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