Is it true that Covid-19 spreads from food? This is the explanation

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The traces of Covid-19 on food caused a stir. China, for example, found that there was a corona virus in frozen food and temporarily suspended some products from entering 2020.

However, until now there is no definite evidence that Covid-19 is transmitted through food. There have not even been reports of someone being infected from the food or food packaging that he consumes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) itself insists that further research should be done. However, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says: there is no evidence to suggest that food consumption is linked to Covid-19.

Because corona is a virus that contains an additional envelope that is usually derived and modified from the host membrane. The virus, the CDC says, will die once outside the body.

Meanwhile, according to the Gellert family professor of food safety at Cornell University in New York, Martin Wiedmann, as a virus ‘shrouded’ SARS-CoV-2 is highly unstable outside its host. It will even die quickly from food.

“Food very rarely tests positive even for viral genetic material. So far, the only reports of contaminated food coming from Asia and even these reports usually report the presence of virtual genetic material and not live viruses,” said Wiedmann, quoted from Very Well Health.

However, if you are worried, from the same medium, someone is advised to do several things. For vegetables, wash fresh fruit and vegetables under running water before eating.

For meat, WHO recommends cooking meat properly and not eating meat from sick animals. The reason, all raw meat can contain other microorganisms that cause food poisoning.

It is always important to maintain good food safety when handling raw meat. Take care to prevent cross-contamination and cook meat properly, especially minced meat and chicken.

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