Is it true that startup businesses are the prima donna of youth?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Currently, the economic foundation and the future of the country are starting to be supported by the millennial generation to generation z. They are considered to have more creativity and easier adaptation adjustments with increasingly advanced technology.

Not infrequently, many of them are currently reluctant to become employees in general and prefer their own business. Besides being able to develop it yourself, building a business can also open up greater job opportunities for their friends of their generation.

For example, a start-up business or startup. This business model is growing in the community and makes it easier for its users. But it should be noted, in building a startup business, it takes hard work and qualified expertise.

In addition, startup businesses are also required to know every challenge, such as educating the public, and must continue to adapt to the technology that keeps coming. The business strategy must also be maintained so that the business keeps up in the current competition.

In further elaborating on this issue, CNBC Indonesia will present an interesting chat at Cuap Cuap Cuan’Expert Talk With Asus Business: Build a Startup Business, Start Now!’ with speakers who are certainly very interesting as well.

The chat will present VP Of CEO Office & Founding Member Of Cakap, Cecilia Ong. Cecilia will share her experiences full of hard work in building her startup.

In addition, Cecilia will also share the challenges she faces in running her startup business, her business strategy, and the metaverse platform she is developing.

This conversation will be guided by CNBC Indonesia Host Narendra Pawaka which will certainly make the discussion more entertaining and more comprehensive.

Interesting right? So don’t miss out on the chat Cuap Cuap Cuan’Expert Talk With Asus Business: Bangun Bisnis Startup, Start Now!’ on Thursday, June 30, 2022 on Spotify Cuap Cuap Cuan, YouTube channel Cuap Cuap Cuan, and

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