Is it worth getting the 3D glasses back?

    Thirteen years ago, in a seedy, musty suburban movie theater, I took my friend to see Avatar. That was before we knew James Cameron’s sci-fi epic would gross a billion dollars and become one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, with nine Academy Award nominations.

    Nothing of that. Just me, my friend and a pair of 3D glasses, probably still a lot of germs from the last kid he saw Avatar. But in a year in which we all moved with the Wii Sports and the iPhone 3GS – actually almost in the Stone Age – seeing the Na’vi, doing whatever you want them to do, running, jumping and hopping on the same screen that I saw Chronicles of Narnia It seemed almost transcendental to me. 3D was great, back in the day. Especially if you were in high school. It is a cinematic experience that I will never forget.

    Now, it bears repeating, nearly 13 years later, Disney is promoting the first trailer for ‘Avatar 2’, Avatar: The Shape of Waterbefore its premiere on December 16, 2022. Most viewers will watch the trailer before watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness these weeks. Before Disney showed Doctor Strange to reporters on Monday night, the studio hosted a screening of the Avatar trailer at a nearby movie theater. In 3D.

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    It’s a bit strange to see a movie released in 2009 play the nostalgia card, but that’s exactly what the trailer for the sense of water. Instead of giving a full idea of ​​what Jake Sully and Neytiri are doing beyond starting a family, the trailer tries to remind us why we fell in love with Pandora in the first placelos oohs y aahs which are obtained by seeing another planet emerging on an IMAX screen. The problem is that, in the last decade, we have spoiled ourselves a bit.

    A few things have happened in these 13 years. We are at the dawn of the metaverse, whatever that may be. Virtual reality headsets, smartphones, video games – the things that transport us to other worlds – have come before the flag that Avatar planted in 2009 as an unsurpassed technological achievement. Suddenly, 3D glasses don’t seem so new anymore. It’s sad but true. Technology tends to outdo itself.

    And Avatar: The Water Sense If you want to wow the world like you did in 2009, you’re going to need a lot more than some gorgeous views of Pandora. We’re going to have three more Avatar sequels after this one. Three! So Avatar can’t depend on us all being surprised by wearing 3D glasses by offering another once-in-a-lifetime visual feat like The arrival of the train of the Lumiere brothers. This time, we will need a really unforgettable story behind all this. Let’s hope he gets it.

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