Is it worth paying more for a brand alone when choosing a new car?

Even then, not everything can be evaluated in monetary terms, so often the final decision can be determined by the desire to realize an old dream or an attractive design.

On the other hand, most buyers are well aware of what equipment they need, and since each manufacturer’s car assembly strategy is a little different, you won’t be able to do without a calculator. When you start comparing equipment levels, it quickly becomes clear that a more expensive model isn’t always better.

Buyers choose higher level equipment

Dainius Leonavičius, a long-term automotive journalist and creator of social network content, notices that faster-assembled and less expensive fixed equipment with low additional assembly possibilities is becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry.

“The vast majority of cars sold are mid-range or advanced. This is especially popular in the segments of smaller models, where almost no one buys the basic models, ”says the interlocutor.

According to D. Leonavičius, most manufacturers consider the cheapest basic assembly models only in order to have the opportunity to participate in tenders announced by business customers or state-owned companies. Private individuals and companies buying individual cars are not interested in such cars. They need extra security and comfort equipment.

“Usually people choose mid-range kits with the extra equipment they need most. Buyers often buy trim packs that give cars a more attractive look, ”says the journalist.

Better kit for a lower price

Not coincidentally, D. Leonavičius notes, Ford manufacturers do not even offer customers at all plikos Puma versions. Accordingly, looking at the base unit, the price of such a car is slightly higher than the most popular competitor models. At the same time, the rich standard Puma equipment looks solid even next to such chic small SUVs as the Audi Q2.

The standard Puma is already equipped with cruise control and automatic high beam switching, an automatic cruise control and other optional equipment on the Audi. It is worth noting that the Ford Puma starts at € 19,980 and the comparable Audi Q2 at € 29,350.

“Yes, compared to the nearest competitors, the price of a basic Puma crossover is a bit higher, but if you want to complete another model to the same level, the difference would even out. In higher class cars, Ford even installs massaged driver’s and passenger’s seats, ”comments D. Leonavičius.

The interlocutor adds that buyers of a car with better equipment are increasingly choosing models assembled by the manufacturer’s representatives. Particularly tempting for many has been the sale of warehouses, through which the coveted multi-purpose car can often be purchased at a discount of two to three thousand euros or more.

“If there is an opportunity, people choose light alloy wheels or something and the final price is often the same as without a discount, but the buyer gets much more equipment,” the journalist notes.

Not everything can be measured in money

For D. Leonavičius, the massaged Puma seats are a very tempting advantage, because every buyer who chooses the highest level of equipment also gets what no other manufacturer offers in this segment. According to the interlocutor, the attractiveness of small crossovers, in this case the Ford Puma, is enhanced by thoughtful useful details.

“One of them is a rear window sill that is raised together with the boot lid. Another practical solution is the removal of the seat covers. They can simply be washed and thus save a considerable amount of money, which is usually spent on dry cleaning the cabin, ”says the interviewee.

The practicality of a car is difficult to define for a specific amount of money, but it is a crucial factor when choosing a vehicle. For example, the boot volumes of the Ford Puma and the Volkswagen T-Cross are very similar at 456 and 455 liters. However, the Puma still has an 80-liter Megabox box under the floor, which is not only roomy, but also easy to wash.

“Maybe that box won’t be used very often, because it is still installed under the floor, but if necessary, it will fit a lot. In addition, it is possible to transport something murky, without worrying that the trunk will be soiled, ”says D. Leonavičius.

The journalist adds that while it is difficult to evaluate the design of the car objectively, the attractive appearance may be of interest to many buyers. According to him, the Ford Puma is a good example of how a stylish model can attract buyers who have looked at another segment in general until then.