Is Kontra K the German Tom Cruise? See the daring stunts in his new music video

Did he really do those breakneck stunts himself?

Rapper Kontra K (35) is known for his spectacular music videos. His claim to perform all stunts himself has often earned him the nickname “German Tom Cruise”. In his new video for the song “The Last Day” he shows that he is right to wear it. And apparently knows no limits.

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Almost every scene shows Kontra in a life-threatening situation.

The most spectacular is his flight with a Boeing-Stearman biplane. The rapper is not sitting in the cockpit, but is strapped to the fuselage of the plane. Even when the plane goes dangerously banked, the contra doesn’t seem to matter.

Kontra K flies at lofty heights on the fuselage of a biplane

Photo: YouTube/Kontra K

The scenes depicting the threat of death underpin the mood of the song, which is about never giving up and always pushing the limits and beyond.

But is it all really real or put together by AI?

Kontra K attaches great importance to the fact that this was NOT tricked!

The rapper to BILD: “I wanted to do things that no one else does. Also to show how far you can and must go if you really stand for something. It was a unique experience, a great team and very beautiful spots on this earth. I would do it again!”

Can we believe Kontra K?

A spokeswoman for his label assures: “Yes, the stunts are all real and performed by Kontra alone and without a double. There are safety ropes, but of course it is still life-threatening.”

2023-06-03 17:37:48

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