Congratulations are fine for Mom June?

That's the question fans are asking Mama June: From not too hot On Friday evening started a brand new season.

In between, find out what her relationship status is GenoThe 39-year-old experienced a pregnancy anxiety that had riveted the audience.

"I may have gained a few pounds," Mama June confessed before climbing onto a scale. Either the scale is broken or something is going on with my body Oh my God The grandma's river is a bit late for her visit this month. "

Eyebrows also rose as she walked to The Six in Studio City, California, where she ordered several dinnerware for her family.

"Everything tastes good and smells good," she explained Honey boo boo, Someone who thinks about pregnancy right now?

It became all the more fascinating when Mama June decided to call her sister and share her prognosis.

"I think I'm pregnant, I do not think Geno and his promise ring was meant for stuff, I mean, hello, we already have eight kids between us," she said. "We try to work things through and how do we deal with it now?"

As we prepare for a more definitive answer next week, the previews have just confirmed the pregnancy news.

"Mom kicked us out because she's pregnant" pumpkin You can hear her husband being told before Mama June brings more doubt to mind.

"If I'm pregnant, he should get together better," she told in a later scene. Something tells us that this story is not over yet.

Mama June: From not too hot Airs Friday night at 9 o'clock. only at we tv.


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