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Is Meghan McCain right that it is harder to be a conservative co-host? Let’s find out


ABC’s female daytime talk show Sight It has certainly had a revolving door of co-hosts for several years. But no place seems to be more controversial and controversial than the one or two positions for a conservative See Host every season. Open Republican co-host Meghan McCain, who joined the program in 2017, has repeatedly suggested that the conservative co-host position is often an anguish.

More recently, journalist Abby Huntsman announced that she would leave Sight after two seasons to serve on the staff of the Utah governor campaign of his father Jon Huntsman Jr. in 2020. While Huntsman insists that there is no bad blood with McCain or any other co-host and says the job was a ” dream “, it is clear the program can be a pressure cooker environment for many.

But is McCain right about how difficult it is to remain in the program as a conservative co-presenter? Here is the complete list of all co-hosts that lean to the right in Sight so far, as well as his stay in the program and his reasons for leaving.

Abby Huntsman
Abby Huntsman | Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck joined Sight as the most conservative co-presenter of the program so far in 2003, replacing Lisa Ling. The former Survivor contestant was a devout Catholic and often faced co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters and Rosie O’Donnell in particular.

Hasselbeck got into two especially memorable fights in Sight during his decade in the program. He threatened to leave the program in 2006, angry that Walters had “reprimanded” her on the air during a discussion about the ethics of the morning after pill.

In another, she and Rosie O’Donnell fought (with a split-screen configuration, no less) over the War in Iraq. The bad blood between the co-hosts was so extreme that it finally led to O’Donnell’s departure from the program.

Hasselbeck later stated in his book that he was asked to leave the program in 2013, supposedly due to his strong political beliefs. “I was inclined: shock, asthma and betrayal robbed my wind,” he wrote about the dismissal.

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure, who rose to fame for the first time in his role as D.J. Tanner in Full House, joined Sight since 2015-2016 (Seasons 19 and 20) as another conservative co-host. Bure’s devout Christian evangelical beliefs often influenced his views on the program. However, she did not always seem comfortable with confrontations and did not seem to want to “get into that” with other co-hosts.

Bure announced in December 2016 that he would leave Sight to ease the burden of her family, since her appearances on the program had forced her to adopt a coastal lifestyle. He also wanted to focus more on his role on Netflix Fuller House and his many Hallmark Channel projects.

In an interview about The Wendy Williams show After his departure, Bure said he was happy to discuss “clearer issues.”

“I don’t miss Sight not at all, “Bure said.” I love being on talk shows, I love organizing talk shows, but that was hard work every day, talking about politics. “

Paula Faris

Paula Faris, journalist and Good morning america weekend correspondent at the time, joined Sight as co-presenter at the same time as Bure in 2015. Like Bure, Faris was a conservative Christian voice on the show. He often spoke of his faith as a co-host, but unlike Hasselbeck, he did not enter many heated political debates.

Faris left Sight in July 2018 to start a podcast about his Christian faith, as well as to move to a senior correspondent position at ABC News. However, his main reason for leaving was his family.

Faris told People at that time: “What started was that I had a really difficult miscarriage. I feel that it was at that moment that I really repositioned my priority compass and our family’s priority compass. I realized that my children need me in the stands and on the sidelines, my husband and I need that time to reconnect. ”

Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila was a wild card in the policy department, identifying himself as a right-wing libertarian. The former Fox News commentator, who wrote about her conservative policy in her 2011 book Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative, United Sight as co-host in 2016, starting in season 20.

As an independent, Bila often fought with her more liberal co-hosts, but she was not as motivated by religious beliefs nor established republican values ​​as some of her fellow conservatives. See Hosts.

Bila surprised viewers when she announced abruptly in 2017 that she would leave the show immediately.

The co-host said goodbye amicably and said warmly during his announcement: “What they do not know about us, these ladies, we are friends. The texts of Sunny, Sara, Whoopi, you are my inspiration. Joy, when I need comic relief, this is where I go .

Still, there were rumors that Bila was really fired because of her less popular libertarian beliefs, while others believed she was fired for criticizing Hillary Clinton during her appearance as a guest at Sight.

Meghan McCain

McCain, political commentator for Fox and other networks, as well as the daughter of late Senator John McCain of Arizona, joined Sight in 2017. The unconditionally conservative co-presenter has repeatedly stated that she hopes to provide the kind of open Republican voice in the program that Hasselbeck embodied.

McCain quickly became known for entering heated political debates with his co-hosts, from a recent discussion with Goldberg (who told him on the air, “Girl, stop talking”) to numerous strong exchanges with Behar. However, as of 2020, McCain remains co-host of the program, and she has repeatedly denied rumors of bad blood between her co-hosts and herself.

Abby Huntsman

Huntsman, who previously worked for MSNBC The cycle and as an assignment reporter for Foxes and friends weekend, United Sight for season 22 in 2018. After two seasons as a co-host, Huntsman announced that he would go to work on his father’s next campaign in Utah as a senior advisor.

The journalist’s last day on the show was in January 2020. Although rumors abounded that Huntsman was expelled due to problems with co-presenter McCain, she vehemently denied that her existence was more than her choice.

In response to rumors about the program, Huntsman declared on his last day in Sight, “People go crazy with rumors about this program and this week has not been the exception, but I just want to be as clear as possible. This has been a dream come true. This has been an amazing job. And I love everyone at this table. “


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