One of the most important innovations of Android 9 Pie is no longer exclusive to Pixel and Android One devices. The tool Google digital well-being More devices have begun to arrive, starting with the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

The new high-end Samsung are the first devices without "pure Android" to carry as standard Digital Wellbeing with its usage statistics and tools. Until now manufacturers had to create their own implementation, like Huawei with its Digital Balance.

Digital Wellness on the Samsung Galaxy S10

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is the tool created by Google in Android 9 Pie to help us improve our digital habits, to disconnect more from our mobile. It allows us to see a daily summary with the time we spent using the applications, the number of notifications received, the frequency with which we consulted the phone accompanied with tools to control the time of use of the applications and to rest with its Rest Mode.

Now that Google has opened its tool to other devices it is expected that more brands integrate the application Digital well-being in your own personalization layers based on Android Pie. In the next version of the operating system, in Android Q, Bienestar digital may also limit the visit to certain web pages.

Via | 9to5Google


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