Is Saudi Arabia really one of the Gulf countries?! – Saudi News

I have been wondering for a long time, is Saudi Arabia really one of the Gulf countries? This question arose on the grounds that the Gulf states are the Arab states located east of the Persian Gulf. This geographical location is the best geopolitical definition of the countries located on it. The question of Saudi Arabia is the question of Iran is the question of Iraq as well. Is Iran a Gulf country? Is not Iran also located on the shores of the Gulf? Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq differ from the rest of the Gulf countries in terms of their vast extensions that make their presence on the Gulf a value among other values. Saudi Arabia extends on the Gulf approximately 1,000 kilometers, while the Red Sea extends about three thousand kilometers, making it geographically shared with Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Yemen and Djibouti in many cultural, ethnic, economic and security characteristics as well. Saudi Arabia’s relationship with Yemen, for example, is stronger than its relationship with the Gulf states. The common border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen extends over a length of one thousand five hundred kilometers; That is, more than the common borders with the Gulf states combined, and the cultural and historical overlap of Saudi Arabia with Egypt is deeper and farther than the overlap with the Gulf states combined. This also applies to Jordan, as the Saudis in the north of the kingdom have greater and deeper ties with their Jordanian brothers than their ties with the Gulf states. Even at the level of dialects, you will find that the dialects of the various Saudis tend more according to the neighboring Arab country. For example, the dialect of the Saudis in Jizan is far from the dialect of the Gulf, and the dialect of the people of Hijaz has nothing to do with the Gulf dialects, and the Saudis of the north have dialects closer to the dialects of Jordanians and Iraqis. I have always thought that the word “Gulfs”, which is used to refer to the sons of the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia, is a kind of unfairness, so it is better that the correct official expression be to say (Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states). We separate Saudi Arabia from the word Gulf when talking about the GCC bloc. The cultural, geographical and political characteristics of Saudi Arabia are one thing, and the characteristics of the rest of the Gulf states are another. The Gulf states can be called the Gulf states, as they are located entirely on the Gulf alone, while the location of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea is more important to them than the Arab Gulf and more influential on the historical and political level.

One of the worst things that harm Saudi Arabia from the issue of its Gulfification are those comparisons that are made from time to time. We hear many comparisons between development in Saudi Arabia and development in the Gulf states. If a Gulf country lowers electricity prices, for example, you will hear people praising the Gulf country on the basis that you, I mean, listen, neighbor. The average person does not realize that the amount of asphalt that covers the road from Riyadh to Makkah may be equivalent to the amount of asphalt that covers the streets and roads of an entire Gulf country, and the specialist’s budget may be equivalent to the entire health budget in a Gulf country. The fact that the name Saudi Arabia is associated with a Gulf word causes problems and grumbling among the Saudi citizen, and this does not reduce the value of the Gulf state, as Finland cannot be compared to France and Belgium to England. This illusory symmetry with the Gulf states pushes the Saudi person to an unfair comparison between the giving of his government and the giving of the governments of the Gulf states. Comparing the achievements of the Saudi government and the Gulf governments leads to a grudge. How does a country with an area of ​​more than two million compare to a country of a few thousand? How do you compare the development of a country full of mountains, valleys, and vast deserts, with a population of more than thirty million people, and a country that does not suffer from natural difficulties, and whose population does not exceed one million people?

Defining yourself is one of the factors that determine your value and the way to deal with you and do justice to your government.