Is Smiley breaking up with Gina Pistol? The ex-boyfriend is back in her life. Earthquake in showbiz

Regardless of the moment when the two are in the present (no – waiting for the birth of their little girl), Codin Maticiuc brought the past back to the forefront.

It is about the year 2005, when the son of the millionaire Ion Maticiuc was one of the most active conquerors in Romania.

Among his first girlfriends by name was Gina Pistol, who always enjoyed the interest of men with financial fortune and potential.

About that relationship that seems to have lasted no more than 8 months, the one nicknamed Poponeţ in the world at one time, he remembered with pleasure 15 years later.

Will Smiley say anything?

Thus, recently invited to Pro TV, in Cătălin Măruţă’s show, Codin Maticiuc agreed to answer more indiscreet questions.

All aimed at the ranking of the most passionate women who have passed through time the bed of the former thief of Dorobanti, who became a father in the meantime.

Without hesitation, Codin Maticiuc did not think long and placed Gina Pistol on the first place in the top of women who offered her the strongest carnal sensations.

How did Smiley feel when the woman he loved for over 3 years was at the center of such a subject even just a few months before birth?

Anna Lesko, 3rd place

From the 10 names that Măruţă put in front of her, Maticiuc chose Anna Lesko on the 2nd place in the top of the passions that marked her memory forever and not only.

The love affair with the current contestant from the reality show Ferma, broadcast on Pro TV and presented by Mihaela Rădulescu, lasted no more than 8 months.

However, with Anna Lesko it was a bit more serious, it seems… According to the mundane gossip of that time, she came into his life shortly after breaking up with Gina Pistol and was so seductive that he even wanted to take wife.

An actress completed the podium

The 3rd place on the list of fatal women in Codin Maticiuc’s life was the actress Maria Dinulescu.

What was between them was a very intense flame, but one that would burn very quickly. It seems that their relationship did not last more than 10 days.

Codin Maticiuc also confirmed that he fell in love with Diana Dumitrescu, actress and former presenter of the show Mireasa (Antena 1).


Photo: Gina Pistol and Codin Maticiuc in 2005

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